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  1. Our trip on the AmaSiena has been cancelled so now we're booked on the AmaLucia next year.
  2. Any updates info on AmaSiena? I don't read German so I wouldn't know where to click.
  3. I am still optimistic about sailing on the AmaSiena in late October. She would have had about 12 trips under her belt, time for the little kinks to be worked out. So maybe she'll have a little less experience, I'm okay with that. I'm sure the trip will be every bit as memorable as I hope.
  4. I went to their site as well. We prepaid for the crew and the cruise manager. That's 125€. Convert euros to US dollars and it's roughly $141 on xe.com. We paid $150/person. Can't choose the exchange rate and I'm not going to quibble over $9.
  5. Update: I was able to pre-pay our gratuities about two weeks ago. It was $300US for 2 of us on a 7 day cruise.
  6. I thought our TA said we can't add them in now. It's worth asking again just in case I misheard.
  7. That's a haul for you. Philly is about a 1½-2 hr drive for us, depending on traffic. Baltimore is slightly closer but if we leave from there, we have a layover in Philly! 🙂
  8. I was hoping to see "real" pictures. Kind of like the photos you see of a representative hotel room compared to what you get. It's "bad enough" that the AMASiena is still under construction. I want to see her! LOL I'm really glad to see that other folks like to try to save a little money on the room so they can spend it on the experience. 🙂
  9. Sorry - I didn't see this until now. Yes, FB and Book of Face are Facebook. I didn't know if even mentioning that would be "illegal". I've seen many, many posts on Christmas Market trips and other itineraries but very few ever mention the Rivers & Castles trip. Just like I've yet to see any "real" photos of the cabins on the lowest level. We opted to save a little so we can splurge elsewhere. This will probably be our last chance to see Paris because we'll be retiring soon'ish and I don't foresee being able to go on grand vacations after that. 😞
  10. I assume you're doing the Rivers & Castles trip. We're doing that in October (same direction, with pre and post stays). So few poeple have commented on this trip here and on the "Book of Face" page for AMA. I hope you post reviews and/or photos.
  11. We're booked for the Prague pre-cruise stay in late October. Well be staying at the Alcron Hotel. Looks lovely! (Thank you Google Stree View.)
  12. https://www.amawaterways.com/ships/amavenita-river-cruise-ship
  13. We will be crusing on the AmaSiena October/November 2020. It will be our first river cruise and *everything* I've ever read about AmaWaterways promises an unparalleled experience. I've noticed there's not a lot of activity about Ama cruises; I assume that's because the of the number of passengers. I've started a roll call for our trip but will be surprised if any of our fellow travellers sees it. But maybe!
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