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  1. Layers are always good on a cruise. I was on a cruise last December to Northern Norway, and of course, all I was thinking about was how freezing cold it would be in port and didn't take enough short sleeved T shirts, as the ship was toasty warm. I find they tend to have the temp slightly on the warm side (but that may just be me!), but to suit where they are. 


    As posters above said, always a good idea to have something warm for going out on deck especially in the evening as once the sun is gone it can feel a lot colder and breezy at sea. I am sure it won't be much extra packing as you'll want a jumper/coat for coming back to the UK in November!


    In port a packable waterproof jacket is often a good idea, as it can be an extra layer if and when needed, I didn't need it at all in Lisbon, Malaga or Cadiz in November  but it all depends on the day and what you are doing.


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  2. The blue dotted line is just to show the return route to the homeport, just to help differentiate between the directions, the red solid line goes out and to all the ports - the tiny arrows also show the way, but they are not always clear, especially on fjord cruises.


    As for the cabins, I can't really comment, usually take what we're given, travelling steerage! I sometimes browse the site, but haven't actually used the site to book, but I agree that it isn't great for looking up certain cabins.

  3. I was in Norway a couple of weeks ago on Balmoral. Sorry, I can't remember the rate given onboard. I have also just had a look through all the daily programmes in case it was mentioned.


    Going on our experience - a lot of places were only taking cashless payments, contactless is accepted everywhere. In fact I walked past a bank which had a sign saying that they didn't deal with foreign exchange or any money!

    I think at this stage using their current credit card always paying in kroner would be best, fees probably not more than using exchange on board or somewhere in port.



    Computer room - I don't remember seeing a computer room on any of the ships for a long time. I think most people have some kind of personal device that can get wifi in port (the ship charges are ridiculous!)





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