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  1. Jim, the art auctions are not a Carnival staple, they are a staple of all cruise lines, except lines with "small" ships, such as Seabourn. You'll see art auctions on Royal Carib. & Celebrity, NCL, even Radisson and Crystal. So, don't label it a "Carnival staple".


    The cruiselines do them because there's enough interest to warrant doing them, and, they also profit from it. They are most particularly happy to see "dealers" aboard who make multiple purchases. About three years ago, I chatted with a dealer who made about 20 purchases, on Celebrity, mostly the Disney cartoon type items, and, she opined that she would easily resell all her purchases at double plus.

  2. Paul, if you didn't sit down, you obviously had no interest, so, why now the sudden interest as to how you receive your purchase. And, further, why the need to start this thread? It's been done hundreds of times before!


    Horses for courses!!


    Some people like bridge, some like crafts, some like wine tasting, some can't wait for trivia, and, yes, some appreciate the art auctions.......they do, in fact, usually offer "value" for a knowledgeable purchaser!

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