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  1. I think there are two formal nights on a 7 night cruise. There were some people dressed to the hilt all the way down to the guy beside us who was wearing a sport coat, polo shirt, dress pants and some grungy sandals on formal night. I usually wear whatever I would wear to my husband's office Christmas party. He wears a dark suit. Most people seemed to dress nicely on non-formal nights, i.e. nice top and pants. My husband wore dress pants and a shirt. We saw capris, sandals, sundresses, pant suits....nothing slobby though. Most people seemed to make some kind of effort. The clothes you are describing sound perfect.


    I hope you have a good time. We enjoy Celebrity. Some people say it's boring and there are no late evening activities, but there are some. Everything's listed in the dailies. The revelations lounge has dancing every night. We also had fun at the martini bar. The flair bartenders were a lot of fun.


    I didn't book it yet....I txted my husband and he hasn't answered yet so I'm hoping to book it this week.


    How is the food on the Lido deck (is that what they call that deck?). We wouldn't have to dress up there, if we wanted to have dinner up there one night, would we?

  2. Yes that dress code is fine and some do wear jeans in the dining room. They ask for men to have a collar on their top so a polo or shirt. Capris are fine too


    The food is really good in the MDR but its sometimes worth treating yourself to the others as some of them are outstanding


    Well if we do one of those extra restaurants, it would probably be only one night as then the price can add up and the food in the dining room would be just fine!


    Oh btw, is the Wifi free?

  3. Sandi, you will find they are more alike than different. Little touches like the restricted smoking policy, less anouncements, pool games, ect. The speciality resturants are very good for special occasions (sp)


    Thank you for your reply Wallie!


    How formal do they dress? I figure there would be 1 formal night which is fine. What about the other nights? I would never wear jeans in the dining room but would capris and a nice blouse with a pair of sandals be ok and dockers and a shirt for my husband?


    That's good about the no smoking policy because I am an ex smoker and don't like to be around smoke!


    Have you ever cruised on the Summit?

  4. Hi everyone!


    I am not new to cruising but new to Celebrity and have some questions. I found a great deal for a 7 night cruise to Bermuda in June with a balcony cabin on the Summit. I don't know much about Celebrity except that I heard its a really great cruiseline. I have taken a few cruises, 2 of my last ones were on Carnival. Now I know Celebrity is upscale and Carnival isn't. Please no bashing as I had fun on that line and would cruise them again. Anyway, I just want to know if it's worth it to go to those "extra priced" restaurants as I see there are many. How is the food in the main dining room? What type of little extras does Celebrity do compared to other cruise lines?


    Any input is appreciated!:)



  5. Just curious....he was on the Destiny in the spring, but said he was getting transferred.


    We had an asst waiter named Ida from either the Philippines or Indonesia, can't remember which one, on the Miracle in June. If you have a picture of him I can tell you, if it's the same person cause I remember what he looked like.

  6. I could go on and on about the Oceanic. No ship has come even close. Only those who traveled on her can understand she had a "soul". We went on the 12-14 X-Mas cruise each year from 1972-1979, and other shorter cruises from 1970-1985. Who can forget the Donzelli Group in the Italian Hall, Cruise Director Everett E. Everett (we still are in touch with his family in Massachusetts even though he died in the earley 1908s), hostess Luciana Trevisan? Anyone know where these fantastic people are?

    My parents took about 5 cruises aboard the Oceanic from the late 60's to the early 70s. They loved it. Those were the days of cruising. They always took the 2 week Chrismas cruise. You were probably on there when they were. I loved looking at their pictures. Even when it wasn't formal night everyone dressed up. Do you remember the Zieli band? They were the band before Donzelli. My mom has 33rpm records from both bands. Occasionally she will play them to remind her of the wonderful days aboard the beautiful Oceanic.


    Back in those days they used to let the family onboard for a bon voyage party. They would have drinks and hor d'orvers (sp) in the cabin. I was a little kid back then. Ack, I'm showing my age :eek: LOL!!


    When I looked at their pictures, it was always my dream to go on a Caribbean cruise with my husband. My dream will be coming true next June. My husband and I will be taking a cruise to the Caribbean. Not aboard the Oceanic, but aboard the Carnival Miracle and I know we will have just as much fun as my parents did all those years ago. :)

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