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  1. 20 minutes ago, aknguyen said:

    FYI - If you are willing to forego the canvas, the photos are about $13 a piece for the digital versions and you can get as many as you want. That's what we did and had them printed at CVS. I'm sure you could get a canvas print from a third party at home as well.

    That's a great ideal, it is definitely something we will consider.

  2. I'm a tad confused by the description of the pixel photo package offered on Carnival Vista.  It states that for 99.98 you can;

    Take as many photos as you like, then choose up to 5 of your favorite photos for professional printing on-board, and one photo of the five selected for a 16”x 20” canvas portrait.


    For purchases made on the Horizon, Vista, Magic, Breeze or Conquest, Pixels package includes 5 digital files with one of the five printed on a 16x20 canvas.


     And then goes on to state;


    Vista, Horizon, Panorama, Breeze, Conquest, and Magic offer digital files only. All other ships print size of 5” x 7”, 6” x 9”, 8” x 10”


    Does this mean you only get 5 digital photos and no printed photos except for the canvas?  Or does it mean you get both the 5 printed and the 5 digital with the Canvas?  Can someone who has purchased this package on the Vista please fill me in.


  3. The screen shot and what he's saying doesn't seem to jive. It looks to me like in the screen shot you can get all the digital images + 50 printed but it sounds like he's saying you can get 50 printed or 50 digital.


    Just looking at what's posted above.


    I just spoke with Carnival fun shops and they stated that it was 50 of each. That doesn't sound like unlimited to me.

  4. I just booked with Butts Up for our upcoming Vista cruise (October 14, 2018) and am pretty excited as all reviews seem positive. I was just wondering if anyone has had an experience with bringing a 4 year old. I've read all the conditions and only saw a height requirement, which he meets, but did not see any regulations regarding age. Does anyone know if there are any age restrictions?

  5. We will be making this drive for our first cruise. We have 4 kids with the youngest being 4 at the time we go. She is our main concern as far as bathroom breaks, she may not have the bladder control to hold it a little while. My question is we were planning 2 long days of driving and getting to Galveston or Houston area the night before our cruise. Now we have been talking about maybe leaving the day before around lunch and getting 6-7 hours driving in that day making the next 2 days much shorter and allowing for more stops. The problem with that is basically just the cost of adding another night in a hotel and the food you have to buy along with another day on the road.


    What do you guys think?

    I think that is completely awesome! I thought we were the only people crazy enough to drive to all but one of our cruises! We have driven from Winnipeg to Southern Florida (takes about 36 hours each way) three times now and have loved every minute of it. For us it wasn't about the money we were saving, but the memories we were creating for our children (3 kids). Our kids have been able to see a whole bunch of America because of this and I wouldn't trade that for the world. We would take a whole week to travel to Florida with stops in many different cities along the way (usually tried to stay in different cities on each trip), because of this my children have been able to experience different cultures in different places. I applaud you and suggest taking your time getting there and enjoy the beauty of America! We plan on driving to Galveston on our next cruise which is booked for October 2018!

  6. Deluxe ocean view cabins on Dream class, which allow for five guests, have two bathrooms.

    True, they do have two bathrooms, but there is only one toilet. The second bathroom is what they call a junior bathroom and just had a tub and sink.

  7. I recently just booked FTTF for my Sunshine cruise in October and watched as they slowly diminished in numbers. When I purchased mine there were only six left, then they went down everyday or so until they finally sold out. Once they sold out whenever I tried to look at the excursions for Port Canaveral the "none available" message appeared and no excursions were listed including the Port Advisory one. It is my opinion that they are probably currently sold out, just keep checking because I hear that they do release more FTTF as the cruise date gets closer. Hope this helps ( and I hope I'm wrong and they are not sold out).

  8. Thanks so much for the feed back. We have decided to do the Eastern Caribbean since we have done the Western two times now. I personally was not too excited about the East ( mainly the Bahamas) but I've never been there and will hold my judgement untill I can base it on my own experience.

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