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  1. So glad for your original post -not at all a waste of time!    This is one of the oldest threads that keeps getting bumped up - and yes it has helped many people.  It never ceased to amaze me how many people felt it necessary to throw in their opinion on - what you could have, should have done; or what they would have done differently, better, etc.  Thanks again from so many of us, and glad you are still cruising. 

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  2. On 3/29/2019 at 1:19 AM, caribill said:


    This reminds me of a similar situation several years ago when Princess sailed from Houston.


    They offered a cruise from Houston to Southampton. Two of the possible ways (there were four) of booking were:

    a) Houston to Southampton with a stop at Fort Lauderdale to pick up additional passengers

    b) Fort Lauderdale to Southampton


    Naturally, the cabins available for Houston to Southampton were not available for Fort Lauderdale to Southampton and vice versa.


    The Houston to Southampton cabins were sold out, but there was availability from Fort Lauderdale to Southampton.


    This meant (because it was illegal to transport passengers from just Houston to Fort Lauderdale) that the cabins for Fort Lauderdale to Southampton had be be kept vacant from Houston to Fort Lauderdale. That's right, empty cabins with no income to Princess.


    But Princess would not release these cabins so they could be sold from Houston to Southampton which would have given Princess three more days of booking income plus three more days of on board spending.


    I was on that TA when it returned and the ship was half empty from FLL to Houston. Lots of people getting off in FLL.  Hopefully   they’ll discount unsold cabins for shorter legs closer to sailing.  

  3. 4 hours after it opened up, all suites and mini suites were showing as “Sold Out”. And most balcony categories showed a “Guarantee” only. Also the perks they advertised - Free Gratuities, Free Airfare, and $1000 OBC were only for the full 111days.   No perks at all for booking individual legs.   No thanks!!!

  4. We are spending 3 days in Le Havre before traveling to Southampton for our upcoming TA in Sept. We have tickets for the ferry from Le Havre which arrives in Portsmouth at 10:30 pm, & have hotel reservations In Southampton that same night. Does anyone know if there will be taxis at the ferry terminal I can take or do I need a car service? Thank you.

  5. One more advising caution on doing the Road to Hana. It's very crowded and slow moving, & I would never chance it if I had to be back to catch the ship.

  6. We will be on the POA on 4-21. For Kauai, we have booked a helicopter tour Thursday morning and a rental car to be picked up after the copter.


    Could you let me know which company you booked the helicopter with, or was it a ship tour?


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