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  1. I’m a teacher and when I receive a gift I don’t want, I don’t tell them! I smile and say thank you. Just because they said they were glad and appreciative doesn’t mean they are. They really live in a tiny space! Do you think the crew would still be on board if they told you “no, I don’t want your gift”.

    Money talks— that’s always a gift crew will like!



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    I need to click a LIKE button for you [emoji4]


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  2. No tight bends or sharp turns on a ship, no steep grades, no heavy braking, seamless gear-changing,

    No peeing in a pot.

    No wake-up call to change a flat tyre or to fit chains.

    No being told its your turn to drive

    No ban on alcohol.

    No getting pulled over by a seaway patrol officer on a Harley,.

    Potholes have got soft sides.

    Chocolates & towel animals on your pillow.


    But on the ship you'll get no wages at the end of the day, instead you get billed for far more than you earned yesterday.


    JB :)



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  3. I was looking at booking the Haleakala Crater at Sunset tour, however now all I see on offer are the sunrise tours. Have they stopped doing the sunset tours, anyone know?
    I booked the sunset tour with NCL for our cruise starting May 5th 2018, and got it confirmed by NCL.


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  4. Thanks for the awesome review. I can't wait to finish it.


    I might get to this later, but, were you allowed to take food off with you? I'm hoping to buy non perishables on Maui day 1 to take with us on day 2. We'll still have to stop somewhere for sodas or water as I'm not paying NCL for those.


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    This could be your answer :



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  5. Our transatlantic on the Epic (was it two years ago, or before that?) was cold and windy. Nobody using the pool. Still, I am happy to sit (in warm clothes) in our balcony and watch the world (the ocean) goes by.


    We were also lucky to have purchased the spa pass, and enjoyed the thermal suite everyday.


    Port stop in Funchal, Madeira Island, was bright and sunny, though.


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  6. We never use lanyards.

    I keep my card in a cardholder given free by Crystal on our first cruise, then put it in my pocket.


    My wife does the same but put it in her purse when going off the ship. In the ship she just give it to me to keep. We are always together most of the time anyway.




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  7. There was no fridge, no cooler in our oceanview cabin in Vision OTS. No big deal. It was October in Canada [emoji16]


    There is ice bucket and you can ask the room steward to fill it daily, if you want to.


    All other ships we have been on, have fridge in the room.


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