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  1. Currently cruising on Brilliance of the Sea and I have been a long time fan of RCCL. Our cabin has dust and dirt everywhere from prior cruisers. There no longer seems to be any kind of luxary to our room or the ship in general. Everywhere I look there is rust. It seems to have become a party boat as all I could hear were several passengers screaming and partying by the spa as well as our neighbors at 2am.....not to mention the heavy smoked air throughout the ship.....I convinced my friend of how amazing RCCL is and it is her 1st time cruising with them. We are both GREATLY disappointed!!!!

  2. Just got off the Regal Princess and felt their spa somewhat lacking..... while we received good customer service the massages etc I found lacking. Usually with a facial their is head/neck and upper body massage. But nothing on princess. They dont offer warning towels or heated beds.... i had a dermabrasion as well which did nothing.... which spa at sea gives the most bang for the buck and really feels indulging?


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