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Originally posted by Dazzy
Considering signing up for the WW cruise in November. I'd love feedback from those of you who went already.
I signed up for the cruise in Nov '17 too and would really like to hear about the experience from those who went in May '17! I tried to find reviews of the cruise online but only found one.

Please let us know how it went!!

Thanks in advance!
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13 Posts
Joined Jul 2017
Originally posted by ctpaddler2000
I have not been on the cruise but was dismayed when I realized it is not an exclusive WW trip. How are you supposed to eat healthy when everyone around you is having a trough of bacon from breakfast. I might as well just find a cruise that I want to go on and just eat the healthy options.
When I gave my deposit, 'First Seating' was the only meal option. So it seems we WWs will be eating together and all our food options will have the smartpoints listed, that'll make tracking easy! Still have to use our best judgment on the other foods and drinks/cocktails that'll be available to us and everyone else though. Hope that helps

I'm excited about it! I'm traveling solo, so being part of the group makes it more fun!
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