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  1. Absolutely not and no one I know does!! Our AAA travel agent used the work around
  2. Allianz works well, gives good service. Also Pleasant Holidays Trip Assist , both with pre existing conditions waived. There is no problem with medically stabilized conditions. The only possible gotcha would be IF when making a claim your doctor filling out their forms upon reviewing your medical records would state that he would have advised you medically not to travel . That would be a reason for the company to not pay. Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  3. The only thing I know about in that case is Pleasant Holidays which cannot cover the cruise cost you have put a deposit on but if you get air with them and at least 1 night hotel they will cover you from start to finish medical wise and air, hotel, excursions costs etc. I have had a similar situation and filed a claim and they were fair and prompt. Normally use Allianz waiving pre existing conditions for cruise when I put down deposit and then Pleasant Holidays ( it is a Trip Assist Policy also waiving pre existing conditions) when I purchase flight and land arrangements. I have filed claims with both companies and Allianz gave us incredible service when an ankle injury prevented us from taking our cruise Sent from my iPhone using Forums
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