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  1. Calliope

    The return of Cunard Pens

    The best pens are found in the grill rooms. I'm sure it was a plot if those went missing too! 😉
  2. Calliope

    American Empress-11/20/18

    I'll be quite interested to hear how your trip goes. I have been on the boat's one way trips between Clarkston and Vancouver twice before, going once each way. Now I'm booked next March on the round trip out of Vancouver. I'm particularly interested in the Mt. Hood experience that will be offered and the shore stop in Portland neither of which were offered on the one way cruises.
  3. Calliope

    Transportation from Southampton Pier to London Hotel

    I've taken train, bus, and once even taxi (but that's a long story including a three day snow delay from the States) and I have found that Smith's is the most economical and easiest way for two to travel between the ship and London. They will pick you up at the quay and drop you off at your hotel's front door. It's all very convenient, and you won't have to schlep your luggage from train or bus to taxi or underground to get to your hotel.
  4. Calliope

    Tipping Longshoremen--do you or don't you?

    I don't tip as American longshoremen are well compensated. And I'm not sure that they deserve a tip for hoisting my bag up onto the pile of other bags already in the rack never to be looked at by that person again. I came to verbal blows once with one too when he tried to shake me down for a tip. I told him his salary was greater than mine ( which is true ) and I asked for his badge number to report his harassment. He told me to go away ad my baggage was safely delivered to my room. Recently my sister offered a $20. bill to one of the longshoremen for her bags, but she asked for $10. back in change. He didn't want to give her any back and was quite rude to her. She searched out the lead guy and told him her plight. The offending worker was sent home that day. Now with that being said, I am a generous tipper to those whose livelihood depend on tips. Hacks I unfailingly give 10 to 15%, my barber 10%, waiters are given 20% by me and each morning at a hotel the maid is left $3. to $5.
  5. Calliope

    Rude and ill-mannered theatre goers

    There are all sorts of reasons for coming late to a show, be it on land or sea, but chatting with the person seated next to you or even two seats down is pretty much inexcusable. It wasn't on Cunard, thank God, but I once saw someone of a group of four put her feet up on the seat next to her. Needless to add this group of four exchanged inanities to each other during the entire performance.
  6. I don't think that would be a problem at all. Cheers!
  7. Calliope

    QM2 Veranda Gone

    Now that's an idea that I could really sink my teeth into. I just hope that they don't use the new china that Simpsons has adopted nor put those ridiculous kinetic mirror sculptures in all of the windows!:eek:
  8. Calliope

    Rotterdam or go to Amsterdam?

    I've been a tourist in both cities. The first time was an overnight in Rotterdam several years ago following a transatlantic crossing on the M/V ROTTERDAM. The most recent being after departing the QUEEN ELIZABETH in Rotterdam last Sunday. This time I left for Amsterdam by train right away. I would say that Amsterdam is certainly the most charming of the two cities, but since you have never been to either you might want to think about which option is more cost and time effective. I would say this though, that I don't have an overwhelming desire to stay in Rotterdam again, I do hope for a quick return to Amsterdam.
  9. Calliope

    How does muster work on multiple crossover cruises

    It might also depend on the captain. I was a passenger once on the Str. DELTA QUEEN during a two week trip from New Orleans to Cincinnati; the captain required that all passengers participated in both of the weekly fire and lifeboat drills that were held during that trip.
  10. Calliope

    Weather on a November Crossing

    That's a pretty good summation of what you might expect during November. I've experienced November crossings where the seas were, as Capt. Bates was wont to say, "Quite boisterous!"
  11. Calliope


    Of course at 1700 some attend in formal attire, but the majority of revelers will not be so attired. Naturally, until at least recently, with the new dress code change, be it a formal or semi formal night gentlemen and ladies were always appropriately attired for that time of day!
  12. Calliope

    Disembarkation in Southampton - QM2

    I've caught London bound trains before as early as 8 AM in Southampton, so 9:30 should be no problem. I'm not sure about train times to Gatwick from Southampton. I'm also not sure if there is direct train service to the airport; you might have to change trains somewhere.
  13. Calliope

    Grills Leather Key Wallet

    Although I have been in Princess Grill several times, I have never got one of the faux leather key holders. As I have several already, I always bring an old one along even if not in a grill room.
  14. Not if you are traveling on any of the boats of The American Queen Steamboat Co., but service may or may not be available in certain remote areas through out the cruise.
  15. Calliope

    First time to NOLA

    A cruise on the sternwheel Steamer NATCHEZ. http://www.steamboatnatchez.com And a trip on the St. Charles streetcar line to get dinner at Commander's Palace.