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  1. I've never been on ACL nor will I ever. And it's not because the AMERICAN JAZZ was stuck in the mud for over a week either. The owners of ACL spent nearly $1,000,000.00 with Washington, DC. lobby firm Blank Rome, LLP to keep Congress from renewing the National Historic Landmark Str. DELTA QUEEN"s exemption from SOLAS regulations. If not for all of that the DELTA QUEEN might be running today being the only overnight river cruise vessel operating from the early Twentieth Century. I can comment on the American Queen Steamboat Co. though. I have been on all but the AMERICAN COUNTESS an
  2. Just got our docs yesterday for the trip up to Red Wing. We're certainly looking forward to an exciting adventure on an old river by a new boat.
  3. I have received official notice from Cunard that the QUEEN VICTORIA's 10 January 2022 crossing to Ft. Lauderdale has been cancelled. I was booked on that voyage to return back to the States after the QM2's 3 January 2022 east bound crossing which I'm booked on. I did not receive any notice of change nor cancellation of that crossing. And it is currently listed on Cunard's American website leaving 3 January 2022 with all categories of rooms being available. Now I am hoping that the QM2's following voyage is a transatlantic to either Ft. Lauderdale or NYC which I will book for my
  4. I was on the Str. DELTA QUEEN when we landed at Pittsburg Landing which is the same landing that the Federal reinforcements landed the at. It was quite a humbling experience walking around the nearby graves of those whom gave their last measure all those years ago. Another time on the DELTA QUEEN we landed there and shore tours were offered to Shiloh. I would go straight to the horse's mouth call the office and ask what tours are currently offered. Or call the local heritage museum in Savannah and see if local guides give personal tours of the battlefield and area. There is a brid
  5. The only crossing/cruise offering listed on the American Cunard website currently is the January 3, 2022 NYC to Soton crossing. I hope that she returns to the U.S. via the QV's cancelled route to Bermuda, Port Canaveral and Ft. Lauderdale.
  6. At this time this crossing is the only cruise/crossing being offered by Cunard on their American website; all other voyages have been removed. So for us booked on the crossing, it looks like a go!
  7. My husband and I will be on the trip from Alton up to Red Wing. It will be our first time on the AD, but have been on the AQ and AE several times. It too will be our first cruise since February, 2020 and we're more than ready to travel the rivers of America again.
  8. That is the potable water line to the water hydrant on shore. Don't leave home without it.
  9. At least on my side of Cunard's Pond sometimes it is better pricewise to make two separate transatlantic back to back bookings than what Cunard has listed for the round trip 14 night cruise. It might be worth pricing out the round trip voyage both ways.
  10. Royal Caribbean Cruise Line does not use the Brooklyn dock anyway. It was developed in a partnership between Carnival Corporation and NY Cruise.
  11. Unless you are privy to facts unknown to us in the U.S. and in Cunard's California office, the June 9 west-bound QM 2 crossing has not been canceled and still remains the first crossing and second sailing this year. At this time, however, further bookings are not being taken on those two voyages nor any other QM2 cruise till June 23.
  12. I see many past passengers mentioning the Cunard chartered bus from Victoria Coach Station to Southampton. Honestly, that will cost several times more than one of the scheduled London to Southampton busses. And two years ago left my sister waiting for the delayed Cunard bus in the pigeon filled station for hours. Of course the Cunard bus avoids the stops at Winchester and Southampton University before arriving at the main Soton bus station and you'll have to get a taxi to the pier. Another mode of travel, and quite nice is using one of the car and driver services such as Smith's
  13. I plan on getting my Covid vax as soon as I can, but as I am only 60 that could be problematic before my next booked cruise. That is also assuming another booked cruise of mine is not cancelled. Once cruising resumes and if a passenger is unable to have been vaccinated through no fault of their own and the booking was made in good faith before the cruise line instituted a total vaccine policy the cruise line might be opening itself up to legal issues.
  14. I went on Quark's OCEAN DIAMOND five years ago, and would use them again. The food was very good along with the service. Handling the passengers to get on and off the mainland or the Zodiacs was done without a hitch. But like the OP I would make sure to be on a trip where you actually step on land and explore the sea from a Zodiac.
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