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  1. Mynki.... Sorry to high jack your stupid rant, I should have said I also had £100 B2B discount with Celebrity uk
  2. Believe what you wish, facts are facts......Mr Know-it-all....... Goodbye 🙄
  3. Goto msccruises.co.uk, select Manage Booking then select Before Departure then select Service Charges. I would recommend you copy the page to you photo which you can use if get any difficult with Guest Relations onboard. It clearly says ".........should you wish to adjust or cancel .... you may do so on board "
  4. Better still book in the US where deposits are fully refundable up to Final payment. You can book both RCL and MSC in the states without any problem. Headline prices these days are about the same but you will get added perks like OBC and prepaid tips and any price drops prior to FP will be honoured without question.
  5. Sidari...... You obviously have a different cruise contract - LOL. I reiterate no reference to mandatory service charges on my contract and nothing on their website at the time of my booking hence any subsequent change is unenforceable. I have 3 future YC cruises booked all with refundable deposits (US agent) and any problems these cruises are expendable.
  6. No mention of service charges being mandatory on my booking invoice. For clarification of any issue with your booking it refers me to their website msccruises.co.uk. As I mentioned earlier it is very clear that service charges can be adjusted or cancelled when onboard - to me that is very clear, NOT mandatory and unenforceable.
  7. Just goto msccruises.co.uk choose Manage Booking then Before Departure. If you now select SERVICE CHARGES you get this :- SERVICE CHARGE Each day, MSC Cruises will debit the Service Charge to your onboard account. The charge covers the onboard hospitality services actually enjoyed and is calculated according to the itinerary chosen and the number of nights. For further details of the amounts payable in each currency, please refer to the table below. However, should you wish to adjust or cancel any of the daily hotel service charges in the unlikely event that you did not receive a satisfactory service, you may do so on board SUMMER 2019 & WINTER 2019 - 2020 / SUMMER 2020 & WINTER 2020 - 2021 I will be taking a copy of their statement and will ask for them to remove the charge from my account.
  8. Preziosa TV channels in Caribbean was terrible, they had ESPN but only in the sports bar. Glad we had the daily news paper.
  9. Assuming you are from the UK, I would say YES although have never tried. We can book via Germany without any hassle so don't see why you can't from Italy. Check to see if the particular cruise is being offered to the German market and try them. Otherwise the only way to be sure is make contact and ask.
  10. You need to go to the Cruise Reviews section as there are plenty of reviews of Preziosa YC. You will need to scan though as about 1 in 15 reviews is for the YC, most are extremely positive unlike the rest of the ship. https://www.cruisecritic.co.uk/memberreviews/getreviews.cfm?action=ship&ShipID=696
  11. Variety is the spice of life and could well fill a slot in their ever growing fleet. They will need to improve upon their YC dining as that is definitely the low point of the current offering.
  12. Just checked the latest reviews for the ship, as expected they haven't changed - it's still dire. Why do people waste their money with P&O when there is so much better available to cruisers today.
  13. Maybe not wise to make reference to booking overseas.....................
  14. It's a no brainer, choose Celebrity every time. Very easy to get from Miami Airport to Fort Lauderdale. The Tri-rail operates from within MIA, the station is next to the Car Rental Centre and only costs $3.75/pp from MIA to FLL. We usually take the train to Sheridan Street Station, Fort Lauderdale and spent the night at the Holiday Inn which is just 100 yards from the station. Then take UBER to the port the following morning for $12. For Tri-Rail - http://www.tri-rail.com/more-trains-on-weekends.asp
  15. Thanks, I see that but that's invalid if the T&C say different. Most people don't book via the MSC website, they use a Travel Agent as I do and they make no reference to a service charge being mandatory.
  16. I have read most of this thread and are CONFUSED as I have checked the Terms & Conditions on both U.K. (msccruises.co.uk) and the US (msccruises.com) and both state that the Service Charge can be cancelled hence it is NOT compulsory. What am I missing as there is no mention of a change to the T&C ?
  17. They are called Pando Lovers. They are the regular poster’s that have a very narrow view and only know P&O. Thankfully their views are balanced by other that know and report the failings of this pitiful cruise line.
  18. Love YC, best experience afloat. Ideal for teens as they can enjoy the rest of the ship whilst you relax in the luxury of the YC. The ‘cat is out of the bag’ unfortunately, it is getting difficult to book a YC cabin for 2019/2020 or even 2021.
  19. That would be great, YC1 is over £3000 more. The downside of the YIN ‘H’Cabin is the closet is ridiculously small so we’ll have to hope they provide a Rolling Clothes Rack otherwise it’s living out of a suitcase.
  20. MSC available cabins is rather strange, there are numerous YC inside cabins available for consecutive 7night cruises but there was only 1 cabin for the same period 14 night cruise. If I combined two 7 night as a B2B it was over $1000 more than the 14 night deal. Don’t understand their logic !
  21. I've booked the last inside cabin available on a Seaside sailing in October 2020. It is a large H cabin, assume that we could be moved but not mentioned when we booked. Not really bothered if we are moved as long as we are still in the Yacht Club.
  22. After 16 consecutive Celebrity S Class cruises we tried MSC Yacht Club. Wow it bowled us over and now have 3 future Yacht Club cruises booked. Yacht Club prices have risen since our first cruise but it's still better value than Celebrity and superior in so many ways. Thank you Celebrity for raising your prices it opened our eyes to a better world.
  23. As innovative as Scarlet Lady professes one would think Smoke Free would be the holy grail. Come on Virgin lead the way, smoking is still killing too many people
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