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  1. We are coming today, and there are many bowl games my husband wants to see. Where is the best place to watch the games? thanks!
  2. Thanks for your review! My husband & I are boarding Saturday. Enjoy your trip, it’s so cold here in KY!
  3. We just upgraded to the Royal Suite last Thursday. Our balcony room may be available now. It was room 6175.
  4. Thanks for all of the advice! The Shoreside Concierge called and handled everything! The customer service is phenomenal. She took our room bar order, booked our specialty restaurants and credited me for the already purchased internet and premium beverage package. She also touched base with the spa to make sure they had our 4 massages scheduled. We are anxious for our 1st Celebrity experience. Our daughters don’t know about any of these perks! They will be so happy to not have the standard cruise stateroom they are use to!! Thanks again to everyone that participates on these boards to make everyone else’s vacation planning easier!
  5. Thank you so much for the replies!! I did call Celebrity and they said they were refunding the drinks and internet packages back to my credit card. The internet package was for only 2 devices, so we will just share. She did say that laundry service is not included, however, maybe if we just send 1 bag, we won’t be charged. People tend to abuse a good thing, ruining for everyone. The lady I spoke with at Celebrity really couldn’t answer many questions. I just don’t want to spend time at the customers service desk trying to get refunded or credited for what was already purchased. She also said we had no OBC listed. Although the email we received said we each get $150. I would imagine I’ll need to call back before we leave to avoid dealing with it on our cruise. We are really looking forward to this trip! Thanks again for all of the replies and suggestions!
  6. Good evening!! My husband, 2 teenagers & I are cruising to Alaska on the Solstice next week. We were given the chance to bid for a better room. Our bid for the Royal Suite was accepted today. I’ve searched all over these posts and have some questions answered, but this is our first time cruising Celebrity and many of the posts are from 2017 and earlier, so I’m not sure if anything has changed for 2018. We prepurchased the Premium Beverage package, Internet package and the Photo package. The Premium beverage package and the Internet package are included with the Royal Suite. Will I receive OBC for what I’ve already purchased? Is laundry service included? Daily? 1 bag? Are there any other tips/suggestions you seasoned Celebrity Cruisers could provide? We cruise about 4-5 times a year and would not be prepared without this board! It’s my go-to travel guide!! Kate
  7. This was my question! We arrive around 6am and can’t find accommodations for several hours. I checked with a few hotels that only provide pool access and lunch from 11am-5pm. We’d like to take a shower and freshen up before boarding. Any help would be appreciated.
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