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  1. Hey folks, I have a couple of follow up questions. I emailed Native Choice but did not get a response. 1. Were you able to pay the balance due via credit card? Their website says cash only but I have seen other reviews that said they were able to pay it with credit card at the office. 2. I know tipping is always a difficult topic but I am just wondering how that works in a scenario like this - I am guessing there is a guide and a driver (are there others during the ruins visit?) also, what about the lagoon? drink servers, attendants, etc. I just would like to be prepared since I am the one that has organized this for our family I would like to be prepared. 3. What about getting to the office? I imagine some of us will walk and some will go with the family member that has some knee issues. If any of you have taken a taxi - what was the fare to get to the office? All of your help is appreciated - 21 days until our cruise!!!
  2. Thank you so much for the review Bluebear!! I haven’t been online much - we really need this trip! So glad you enjoyed it.
  3. Hello, For those of you that have done this tour, I see on the website that it is designated as moderate activity. We have one person with us that is having some knee issues. If we arrange for taxi from the port to their offices, is the tour itself strenuous? He is really interested in going, we just are concerned that it may be too much. Any first hand experience is greatly appreciated. Thanks!!
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