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  1. We were on the Jan 6 sailing this year and used Pure Snorkeling on our first day in Bora Bora. Tenders start at 8:30 and we were on that tender and Pure Snorkeling was waiting for us at the tender dock. They use ski boats and there was only a small amount of shade (two of the eight people were in the shade). They took us to a spot for the manta rays and it was pretty murky but we saw one. Our guide tried to find the sharks but did not, but folks we talked to on other snorkel excursions that same day did see them. The coral gardens and "aquarium" spots they took us to were amazing! I had done the snorkel excursion through PG that used the more traditional Polynesian boats, and the Pure Snorkeling boat was more comfortable, but less shade. Overall we had a great day and wouldn't hesitate to use them again.
  2. okiebaugh

    My Review / Suggestions

    Enjoying all your beautiful pictures! Curious on your opinion on how rough the sailing is going/coming from the Cooks? I know the ship is built for the shallow waters, and just wondering what to expect.
  3. okiebaugh

    My Review / Suggestions

    Thanks for the great info! I am reading along even though I don't comment too often. We are doing the Cooks itinerary in January and love seeing the pictures you are posting!
  4. okiebaugh

    Summit on Dec 2nd - Lat Minute Hints?

    The almond croissants at Cafe on deck 5 were amazing! You pay for coffee there, but the snacks in the case are free!
  5. Beautiful pictures of the sunset at the Hilton! I'm enjoying your review and it is getting me excited for our trip in January on the PG to the Cook Islands/Society Islands. Looking forward to the cruise portion of your review!
  6. okiebaugh

    Paul Gauguin with teens

    We took our daughter when she was 17 and our son was 8. Our daughter very much enjoyed the youth program, and they allowed our son to participate in some of the activities. There are not activities all of the time though, so they do have to be able to self entertain. The kids can use the pool. No ice cream bar. There was a shuffle board court that we used. We did the 7 night, so being in port every day kept the kids busy so they didn't need a ship with all the bells and whistles. Hope that helps!
  7. okiebaugh

    Running out of ideas for private sailing tour

    For those that sailed on the Cool Cat can you tell me how you got to where they are anchored and how much that cost?
  8. okiebaugh

    Ok, all you Carnival Breeze experts....

    We did the Breeze in July with FTF we were in our car by 8 am. Go to the designated FTF lounge earlier than they say because they put us in line based on when we arrived. Suites went and then FTF.
  9. okiebaugh

    Shore Excursions Group

    We did a jetski tour to sting ray city with Shore Excursion Group and it was great! Small group and less expensive than the cruise ship. If there is something you really want to do it is better to have it planned ahead of time.
  10. okiebaugh

    March 12 Departure and questions

    We sailed and snorkeled with Voila in Moorea and it was fantastic. In fact we enjoyed it so much we asked if they could take us out again the next day and they did (to different spots). The boat is cute, and the hosts delightful. Our favorite two days of the trip! Have fun!
  11. Why not call Princess and ask them IF your mother is not able to make the trip last minute what will happen? Instead of getting wrong info here, or worrying about it I think I would call and ask the question as a hypothetical. In my opinion you would not be charged anything because the cabin is paid in full. You only pay a single supplement if you book a cabin for 1 person, and then you pay the price that 2 would have paid less the taxes. I knew two single ladies that were traveling together and one had to cancel. She got taxes back from the cruise line and the other lady did not have to pay any extra. So sorry for the loss of your dear mother, and I hope your family is able to enjoy the cruise and celebrate her life.
  12. okiebaugh

    Cruise on Royal with my BFF

    Glad you had at great time! We leave Dec 20 and can't wait! Thanks for the review!
  13. In Moorea I highly recommend Voil'a Moorea for a sailing/snorkel tour. It is an independent operator that we found through trip advisor and it was our favorite excursion of the trip. In fact, we had so much fun we booked them for our second day in Moorea to do some more snorkeling. Ended up sailing with a large number of dolphins that were jumping along side the boat.
  14. We went to the market on the last morning of the cruise. You don't leave the ship until noon time, so we walked off in the morning and browsed the market then went back to the ship for lunch before disembarking. Neither of the hotels you are staying at are close to downtown.