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  1. Thank you everyone for great suggestions. I will contact the hotel before we leave Oz and see what can be arranged. They have a particular service they use. Will also see about having cell phone roaming for use in US, Thank you all once again.
  2. Thank you for that response Rassa. We already have a booking from the hotel to go to Hollywood, so a random taxi would be more expensive. Can you tell what the area is called where the taxis wait? PS Hope the storms/fires are not too bad where you are. Marty
  3. Where do we arrange to be picked up by a pre-booked taxi at San Pedro upon arrival on a Princess Ship? (Apologies if this appears to be a stupid question, but have not been able to find an easily described location) We are arriving on Golden Princess on May 6th. Thanks,
  4. ...and then there is the Leave to Appeal in Australia's High Court (for the 2013 disastrous river cruise events) to be decided yet....
  5. Boblerm So that is where my refund went to! Paid AUD20,000 in 2013 and still waiting on the Australian High Court to decide when any refund is paid. So if your refund was quadruple your outlay in 18 months, I wonder what mine would be after more than 6 years? Consider yourself lucky, there are over 12,000 people from 2013 still waiting for any sort of refund/compensation. Then there is the high possibility of another Class action for the 2018 cruises that had low water and also had a forced bus trip for weeks.
  6. Oh, the ship & the company both have a future....... One for locating a suitable residence on the bottom of the harbour, the other as an anchor!
  7. From bitter experience Scenic always goes for the cheapest and most underhanded methods in business. They do not care about their customers in the slightest! Its all about money, and how to avoid paying out any if at all possible!
  8. Wise & Lucky member! [Still waiting for any refund from that mob since 2013!] Best advise to anyone else? RUN away as fast as yer legs can go!!
  9. Maybe you should ask the 1200 people still waiting for compensation from the 2013 disaster? Or those people from 2018 that were also lied to and not compensated by this company?
  10. And they have a possible AU $15,000,000 payout to the victims of their deceitful behaviour on the at river cruise in 2013! (Not to mention the possible new class actions for 2018)
  11. Just to add another 5 cents worth, Scenic is the same company that has in their terms & conditions that they can substitute a ship with a bus! (Or perhaps a rowboat in the case of the Marie Eclipse!) Its also the same company that knew that it was impossible to navigate the rivers during a certain time in June 2013 (as shown by Email from the Owner), but saying that the customers should be given the a European Experience by bus, instead of the very expensive 14 day river cruise.
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