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  1. I'm due to cruise on Sovereign shortly, so have checked in online. When I verified my check in and received my e-documents there were no baggage tags. Their agent Fred Olsen informed me that Pullmantur no longer issues baggage tags with e-documents and you have to check in your baggage at the port!!!!!! Am I the only one that thinks this is a silly idea. Especially when baggage drop and check in could be made so much easier by being able to have labels already attached to ones luggage. Or if anyone has any information to the contrary.
  2. Kathleen delighted to hear you had a wonderful time on Sovereign. Its good you mentioned not having any difficulties not speaking Spanish. That was our experience also when we cruised on Horizon , and hope we will have it similar when we cruise Sovereign in Oct. Thanks for sharing your photos as well.
  3. Very nice photos. Waves Club on Horizon is located across from the games room. The bar itself was previously called "James piano bar. The Waves Club also has cabinets that supply light sacks and finger food.
  4. Thanks for the helpful information. Below are some photos of our suite 1102 on Horizon. I hope you find them helpful also.
  5. Have you traveled in the Royal Suite on Sovereign? If so could you possibly post of that experience and observations especially embarkation and your MDR arrangements on this board. How did you enjoy the Black/White Waves perks. Have booked this suite for our cruise in Oct. 19, and would be grateful for any information and tips you could share.
  6. I'm out of ideas except you talk to them directly by phone
  7. There is definitely no noisy or smoke. Especially as it is a a forward facing cabin. It's classed as a junior suite (waves white). I personally didn't like the look of it as it would be very windy and I think for this reason it is an enclosed balcony with a sliding window. There are also some very minor obstructed views from ships structure. Hope this helps
  8. It might help also to know that for "Waves Black" guests ....the free laundry service is quite generous. One large bags washed and pressed.
  9. At the time of our cruise SEP 18 wi-fi was only available in the Waves lounge on deck 8 and not in your suite.
  10. We had no issues whatsoever with our suite. We spent a lot of time on our balcony especially in the late afternoon and had no problems of any sort. Getting used to the lighting system in our cabin was the hardest thing to sort out, as they have switched and dimmers everywhere. There are also 3 TVs in the cabin including one in the mirror of the bathroom.
  11. Above photos are of our Horizon Suite 1104 from our cruise Sep 18. We also availed of the Waves Black benefits which includes the TOTAL drinks package.
  12. Oh I hope you have a fantastic cruise on Horizon. We were on it in May and enjoyed it so much . we had suite 1104 then and it had plenty of room. Look forward to hearing from you when you return.
  13. Thanks for sharing your photos. This cabin looks fantastic. Can i ask if you remember what cabin this was? We are booked on Sovereign for next year and have booked suite 1510, and would be delighted if it was similar to yours.
  14. We had a fantastic time on Horizon. So looking forward to our next Pullmantur cruise on Sovereign. We have booked a deluxe suite which includes the Waves Black facility. Were so impressed with the Waves program on Horizon. Have seen my cruise in November 19 advertised on VTG site. Would be most grateful for your opinion of the Sovereign when you finish you Nov 5th cruise Sent from my ATU-L11 using Forums mobile app
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