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  1. Looks like Marella are having a nightmare with Cuban Fusion, I think we were the only ones to have the full day and a half at Havana the first week of December. Looking at: https://www.cruisemapper.com/ This is what Discover 2 has done this week: 27/12 Roatan Island (Honduras) 28/12 Santa Tomas de Castilla (Guatemala) 29/12 Belize City I'm sure that was never on the original itinerary, please correct me if I've got that wrong. Papillon1 must have been the week before Christmas. Keith (Southend)
  2. I see no reason why it would be any different. Just back last Wednesday from Montego Bay and our outbound was as posted before. On your return you will get an envelop with your labels to attach to your luggage the day before your return. Keith (Southend)
  3. Re: ships tours, last time we went we found a few 'new' tours appeared on the on screen booking facilities on the ship that were'nt on-line. I'm hoping the Tayrona National Park at Santa Marta, Colombia will appear back on the list, as this is the only one that interested us at that port, but then dissapeared from the list. Not seen the sun here for four days now. http://www.southendweather.net/wl2/load_wl2.php http://www.southendweather.net/homereports.htm Keith (Southend)
  4. Just decoded the weather around the Caribbean for the 23rd November 2018... *Caribbean Islands overview* 23rd November 2018 Max °C Min °C Rain (mm) Location 28.3 21.8 TR Nassau Int.(7m) x x - Varadero/MT(65m) 29.7 24.4 - Grand Cayman Int Owen Roberts(3m) 31.3 24.2 - Sangster/Montego(3m) 31.2 24.5 TR Kingston Int.~Jamiaca 29.8 19.8 - Punta Cana(12m) 30.0 23.3 - San Juan(19m)P.Rico 29.4 23.3 - C. Amalie/Truman St. Thomas US(67m) 29.4 23.2 2.2 Belize Int(5m) 29.9 22.6 - Puerto Limon (5m) Costa Rica 32.4 22.6 - Santiago (88m) Panama 32.4 23.7 - Santa Marta(1m) Columbia 34.7 25.6 - Cartagena(12m) Columbia 29.5 24.3 - St. Kitts/Golden Rock(48m) 30.0 25.8 - Charlestown / Newcast (Saint Kitts and Nevis)(17m) 29.1 23.0 - Antigua/Vc Bird Int(14m) 29.4 25.0 TR St. Maarten/Juliana Air(9m) 29.4 26.2 - Juancho E. Yrausquin Airport, Saba 29.6 22.3 TR Guadeloupe/La Raizet(11m) 31.1 23.1 TR Dominica/Canefield Aero(5m) 30.1 23.9 5.5 Martinique/La Lementin(7m) 29.7 23.6 6.1 St Lucia/Vigie(2m) x x - St Vincent/Arnos Vale(5m) 29.6 25.1 - Barbados/Grantley Adams(50m) 30.5 24.0 - Grenada/Point Salines Int(7m) 30.4 23.9 0.6 Tobago/Crown Port Aero(6m) 31.5 24.1 TR Trinidad/Piarco Int(15m) 31.0 24.7 - Aruba/Q Beatrix(3m) 31.1 24.5 - Curacao/Hato Aero(67m) Keith (Southend) http://www.southendweather.net/
  5. We originally planned to do the classic car ride to the Tropicana Clup in Havana, but after thinking a couple of days it had all been sold out. There is some classic car excursions on the planner for both days, but I just tried to look at my excursion planner but couldn't get in, this maybe because we go this Tuesday 27th Nov (Pride of Panama), so to late to book online. There was a 10 hour tour available, which we would have liked to do, but we held back on it as we thought it would get back to late for the Club Tropicana night, and would probably miss dinner and getting changed, I will ask once on board. However, if the ship wasn't in Havana for the whole day w/c 4th December (Cuban Fusion) this excursion wouldn't be listed. I'm sure you won't have problem doing something independantly as I don't beleive many cruise ships go into Havana and we are a relatively small ship. Hope you don't mind the Brits, but I would imagine 95% will have flown in from the UK. I'll be keeping an eye on the weather and hoping for the best: Rainfall Radar: http://www.barbadosweather.org/Composite/kidbuuComposite_Lionel_displayer.php?Product=Reflectivity&Sector=fullView&Composite=Sabre&ANISP=700&MAPP=1&PlanetOfTheApes=1543149977 Satellite: http://www.barbadosweather.org/GOES16/Jiren_displayer.php?Instrument=GOES16&Product=11um&Sector=Tropical_Belt&Type=BW&Title=Infrared 11.2um (Long wave IR Band 14) We like Marella, have been on Discovery 1 last winter, the All Inclusive (most drinks included) and no tips added to your bill is a good deal. Hope you have a good cruise. Keith (Southend)
  6. Many thanks for the quick response. Keith (Southend)
  7. Booked online, printed off boarding passes, but my wife has just asked do we have any luggage labels? With P&O you printed these off, am I missing something? Keith (Southend)
  8. I assume your Cuban Fusion week is the 18th December 2018? For some reason we have the original full day and a half for week commencing the 4th December, unless no ones been told yet? Although 10 hour excursions are available to book. Keith (Southend)
  9. The itinary says it should be in Costa Rica, Puerto Limon, however, according to the live information it's in Columbia, Santa Marta. https://www.cruisemapper.com/ Mmm? Keith (Southend)
  10. Just been updating some of my weather links to put on my Netbook and the barbadosweather.org site has improved somewhat. A couple of links for 'live' rainfall radar and satellite images for our region. Satellite http://www.barbadosweather.org/GOES16/Jiren_displayer.php?Instrument=GOES16&Product=11um&Sector=West_Carib&Type=BW&Title=Infrared 11.2um (Long wave IR Band 14) Rainfall Radar (Some are a bit intermittent) http://www.barbadosweather.org/Composite/kidbuuComposite_Lionel_displayer.php?Product=Reflectivity&Sector=fullView&Composite=Sabre&PlanetOfTheApes=1541838289 Keith (Southend)
  11. Has anyone done the 4 hour excursion 'HEMINGWAY IN HAVANA', just wondered if this was a morning excursion? Keith (Southend)
  12. With the Marella Caribbean season making a start, I thought I would post some of the current weather being experienced in the region. Due to the way I obtain and decode some of the data it is always 2 days old, but it gives an idea of max/min temperatures and any rainfall. Over the next few days & weeks I'll update with additional information that maybe of interest. I'm just an enthusiast, but I will try to answer an questions if anyone has any. We head out on the 27th November 2018, so am particularily interested in the western Caribbean and Central America region, but I have included the whole Caribbean area. Hope this displays OK, if not I have another way it could be shown. Enjoy Keith (Southend)
  13. I think you just sold that to us. The difference between going in the vintage car is only £18 each, so we might as well 'push the boat out' so to speak ps: I keep getting that old 80's Wham song in my head. We have been to Cuba for a week a few years back, stayed at Veradera, but only did a day trip to Havana, not the evening, so looking forward to this. Many thanks kruzseeka for your input. Keith (Southend)
  14. Probably the most unsettled weather will be through the Mediterranean Sea after which time the wind will be behind you with no tropical disturbences to worry you. If you can read the pressure charts, here's one that will update 4 times a day... http://old.wetterzentrale.de/pics/avnpanel1.html It's been some years since I've stayed in Jamaica, but I think there was an exit fee. Googling comes up with "airport departure tax of US$35 is payable when departing Jamaica." I hope this helps. Keith (Southend)
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