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  1. When our edocs were ready (around the 45 day mark) I immediately looked and saw the deck number. From reading other posters it was mentioned that cabin numbers are usually are posted around the thirty day mark. I received an email from RC at exactly thirty days that I had new Guest Vacation documents and thats when I saw our cabin number.
  2. We are on the Allure in October and we received ours in stages. First we received our muster station but no deck or cabin number. When our cruise docs were ready we received our deck number but no cabin number and then at the thirty day mark we finally received our cabin number.
  3. I actually asked this question on Monday with regard to a cruise we have booked in October 2019 on the Allure. When I did a mock booking the perk was no longer listed in the description for a neighborhood balcony. Looks like Royal has implemented this change but has now decided to make a formal announcement.
  4. We booked a central park balcony for our October cruise on the Allure back in January and the Drink, Dine, Discover promotion was offered. When doing a mock booking that perk is no longer listed for the neighborhood balcony cabins. For those that have recently sailed in a neighborhood balcony please let me know if that perk is still ongoing. We actually have five cabins booked and would like to let the rest of our party know. Thanks so much for your guidance.
  5. Thank you so much. I guess we will just need to wait and see.
  6. We booked a neighborhood guaranty balcony on the Allure for an October sailing. Our online check-in is completed and our set sail pass just has our muster station assigned (E04) but no cabin number as of yet. I know this has happened to others and I am wondering how can I find out if we have a central park or boardwalk balcony and even a possible deck number. At this point I am just curious. Thank you so much for any assistance.
  7. Just an update. Our minimum bid was accepted for the balcony along with the other couples and we are two weeks out from sail date. Glad that is over. Now we can concentrate on packing.
  8. We are traveling with 2 other couples all in the same cabin category on the Bliss to Alaska. We all bid the minimum bid at the 80 day mark. One couple already received an acceptance on their bid this week and are moving on up. Are bids are still pending with 22 days to go before our cruise and there are lots of cabins still available for sale in all categories. Some have suggested that maybe the other couple were a higher latitudes status and that is why their bid was accepted first but that is not the case since we have more NCL cruises under our belt and a higher status. It seems that sometimes there is no rhyme or reason to the bid acceptance process. We are just keeping our fingers crossed that our bid is accepted and if not well we will still have a great time on the cruise.
  9. We are booked on the Bliss Alaska cruise September 8, 2018 along with 2 other couples. We all booked inside cabins to have extra money for excursions (second time to Alaska for us and first time for the other couples). At the 80 day mark we all received emails to bid on upgrades for balcony cabins. We all placed the minimum bid (I think it was 75.00 p.p.) and we really didn’t care either way if we upgraded or not. A few days ago one of the couples received an email that their bid was accepted and they are off to a balcony cabin. Us and the other couple’s bids are still “pending”. I keep checking the website and there are plenty of suites and balconies left that have not been sold. I know it can take up to two days prior to sailing to accept your bid but the suspense is killing me.
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