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  1. Yeah, I'm pretty flexible but the sea day intensive cruise is a tough sell when their listed destination lecturer is an ecology expert of Panama and Costa Rica.....?
  2. Been looking at a few of the shorter (8 - 10 Day) ocean itineraries in the middle east and notice they are very heavy on sea days (i.e., https://www.crystalcruises.com/voyage/dubai-to-aqaba-ocs200508-10) Is there much scenery to see when at sea on in this region? As much as I like my sea days, I'm having a hard time justifying the $$$ of the trip if we're going to be at sea for 5 of the 10 days of the cruise....
  3. thanks...indeed, my post was a bit vague. While I'm looking at the October 11, 2020 voyage (on the Symphony) to the holy land I am currently looking at a similar cruise taking place Oct 10, 2019 (on Serenity) to get an idea of what excursions might be available. In particular was looking to see if anyone on here had taken or heard feedback on the Crystal Overland Adventures: Highlights of the Holy Land tour.
  4. All - Thinking of going on the Holy Land cruise on the Symphony next year. Does anyone have experience or recommendations on whether to do the overland tour with Crystal during the stops in Israel? Also, are there any unique security procedures that guests must follow while in port in Israel?
  5. My recommendation is Waterside - so nice to have a nice leisurely lunch after boarding the ship!
  6. Just wanted to bump this topic up - would be curious to get any insight from those currently on the Serenity. I'm a big Perry Grant fan so curious how he will compare....
  7. Noticed the website was updated to list Ged Scott hosting the Avenue Saloon for our upcoming Mediterranean cruise in May. Can't find much about him online...anyone familiar with him? Disappointed Perry Grant won't be onboard but should be fun nonetheless....
  8. Ok so I'm still new to the concept/idea of ordering off-menu items in the MDR/Waterside. I know food preference is very subjective, but was wondering what specific entrees people have asked for in past cruises? Anything you would recommend?
  9. Yup, I agree with Klapka on this. Always too graphic intensive for my taste but will learn to adjust.
  10. Always helpful Keith - thanks so much!
  11. Checking in as I'll be on the Barcelona - Rome cruise next May. Planning to spend our day in Sorrantino in Capri...does anyone have any recommendations for the various Beach Clubs that dot the island? Preferably one without a lot of small children.
  12. The website lists Thomas McPhee at the AS
  13. To each their own of course but Perry definitely made my cruise and gave me some wonderful memories with my family that I'll cherish for years to come. I hope he can find his way back to the Serenity/Symphony later in 2019.
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