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  1. Bob....what an amazing turn of events in your life! So happy for you and Betsy. I've really enjoyed following you around the world, especially the many "missions accomplished". Thanks for being such a diligent poster. My thoughts are with you in your return to good health. Aloha, Francie
  2. Bob looks really good!! What a lovely, romantic story! My best wishes to them both. Francie
  3. Jim..Thanks for keeping us updated about Bob's condition. So very sorry he's had a setback. I'm praying for his full recovery and for you and Betsy. You 2 are true and steadfast friends to stay with him through this crisis. He's fortunate to have you by his side.
  4. Great to hear that Bob is making good progress! Hopefully he can be back to continue your wonderful cruise. Thanks, Jim, for the update. Francie
  5. Jim..Thanks for giving us the info about Bob's medical issue. I feel like a friend as have been following his posts around the world. My thoughts and prayers are with him as he recovers. Hope he can get back on board soon. Best wishes to you all. Francie
  6. Bob.. great photos of Gibraltar! It's a really interesting place to visit. We had a tour inside The Rock to see the armaments and relics of WW ll and other conflicts. But watch out for those Barbary apes who will steal anything off your person! Go-bucks...miss your photos and comments! Thanks for the efforts you all make to take us along on the voyage of a lifetime.
  7. Cbb...Thanks for the info. We are doing the next cruise Miami to SFO so get to visit Key West again after a day in Miami in between. So from never having been to Key West, we now get 2 visits. Looking forward to it. Yes, hope hurricanes stay away this year. We're back on SFO to Rio Jan 2020 on Insignia. Looking forward to seeing you:)
  8. We just received info from O via our TA that our Regatta Oct 13, 2019 stop in Havana is replaced with Key West. This is okay with us as we've never been there. However, we're really disappointed to miss Cuba! Another brilliant foreign policy decision!
  9. We just got info from O via our TA that our Oct 13 ,2019 visit on Regatta to Havana will now be to Key West. This is okay with us as we've never been there. However, we are really disappointed not to visit Havana. In my view, it is really dumb foreign policy! Nothing surprises me anymore!
  10. Passengers currently on Sirena..how does the ship look after the recent refurbishment? Thanks!
  11. Go-Bucks..just loved your high tea. We've been to Dubai twice as cruisers and several times when lived and worked in Oman. Really like Dubai but never to Burj al Arab! Thanks for your lovely pics.
  12. We have had both an extra tour added for on-going cruisers (Tahiti) and the special luncheon in GDR. Both very nice! Our next cruise is a b2b with Miami as the turn around port.. We'll see what happens there. As we are in the same cabin, won't need to move or get cleaning.
  13. We had a female pilot lowered from a helicopter at Richards Bay, SA. She was put down on the upper sun deck. Very interesting.
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