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  1. notamermaid You're a guardian angel! Thanks for all the helpful Rhine updates. Hope you & yours and all the Cruise Critic family have a very Merry Christmas & Happy 2020. Safe travelling folks.
  2. Further to my last post, the castle names are as follows: 1st picture is of Reichenstein, 2nd is Sterrenburg & Liebenstein or the hostile brothers castles, 3rd is Gutenfels, 4th is Nollig ruins, 5th is Schonburg & the 6th is Stahleck. Regards.
  3. notamermaid, Thanks for the constant updates repecting the level of the Rhine River. Further to notamermaid's link to a photo gallery of castles along the Rhine, I like to share 6 pictures of castles not included on said link, I'd took pictures of during my recent trip. The Sterrenberg & Liebenstein castles are also known as the "hostile brothers" castle. Don't know if you can see the wall inbetween them. Enjoy.
  4. We were on the Avalon Vista in April/19 for its first tulip time cruise of the year. On our cruise, Keukenhof was offerred as a full day excursion OR a 1/2 day excursion in the afternoon with visiting Gouda in the morning. I don't consider myself a flower person, but wow, Keukenhof was impressive. Enjoy.
  5. We arrived to Koblenz on August 8 as "set ups" were underway for the festival. However, the fortress looked great in the evening. We would have a fantastic view of the fireworks from the ship.
  6. Learned from one of the Emerald Sun's officers that the prognosis for the Rhine River will be good to the end of the season. Last nite, while at Mannheim, the river level was approximately a little above 3+ metres. The weather has been pretty good so far, albeit, we had a thunder shower during our dinner hour in Rastatt, the day before. Yesterday, while in Heidelberg during our day excursion, we had sporadic rain. Today, we're in Koblenz, with high clouds. We're suppose to get around 80*C today. Picture, while docked in Mannheim.
  7. Last year in August our Rhine River cruise was cancelled. Fast forward to August 2019...We left Basel on Saturday, currently in Strasbourg & enroute to Baden Baden tonight. The weather so far had been hot, hot, hot! Lots of water & smooth sailing so far. I understand they may be some showers enroute, but with continued hot weather. I'll post later, should I learn anything from the crew respecting water level for the next few weeks.
  8. Hi Michelle, We were on the tulip time river cruise this March & the Keukenhof tour was an inclusive excursion. We had a choice of a full day at Keukenhof or 1/2 day in Gouda in the morning & 1/2 day in Keukenhof in the afternoon. Enjoy.
  9. Forgot to answer your second question...we've been on 3 Avalon trips & have not experienced any cancellations. Perhaps, if not enough people participating, they may cancel the excursions.
  10. No need to do so. Just board the ship, relax & enjoy!
  11. Our ship will be in Koblenz on the 8th, just missed it by 2 days!
  12. I had a recent conversation with Emerald respecting a potential cruise with them. The representative indicated that we had to put down a non-refundable deposit with the balance due 90 days prior to departure. Sorry I'd can't remember how much the deposit was (I think it was less than $500 pp), but the rep also said that you can buy cancellation insurance for the deposit (just in case). Again, I can't remember how much the insurance was, but think it was something in the $100 range pp.
  13. notamermaid, Thanks for you're continual reporting respecting the Rhine River. We were one of many who had their late August Rhine cruise cancelled last year. We are cautiously optimistic that our Rhine cruise for the 1st week of this August will come to fruition. I remembered that you had mentioned in your previous posts the critical "number" for the Kaub area before the "unmentionable" may happen. What was that dreaded number? Thanks again.
  14. kwerb12, Just reminiscing our July 2016 Danube trip where we went from Budapest to Praque. We had a great time, hope you enjoy yours! We were on the Avalon Luminary, which was about half full. Here's a sneak preview of the Durnstein shoreline, where we had a land tour & bought some hasen pemmerl (chocolate coated apricot filled balls, pretty tasty) & unique gift for someone at home. The picture that I'd included on my post from the Vista, is that of the dock, not a lock, as you can see a bus parked on the above left corner of the picture. We were in room 211 on the Vista & 210 on the Luminary & at no time during these 2 trips, did we hear any engine noise. Enjoy your trip.
  15. You would require a visa upon arrival into Vietnam. We got ours through the Consulate General of Vietnam in Vancouver. You can also get the Vietnamese Visa on Arrival (VOA), which is considerably cheaper. When you use the "VOA", you pick up the visa prior to clearing Customs/Immigration. When we entered Cambodia on our river cruise, the ship obtained them for us. Check on-line (photo requirements, etc.) to see which works best for you in obtaining your visa. Shorts are fine, but upon entering some temples, there are some requirements to cover up.
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