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  1. I would also skip the main theater show, "The Brat Pack: For the Record." I enjoyed After Midnight. There was lot of tap dancing and while it could be boring for a 12 year, by no means was it inappropriate.
  2. I've been on 10+ cruises and the Epic was by far my least favorite cruise. I found the worker's professionalism to be that off high school dropouts. If this was my first cruise it probably would have been my last. With that being said, I have 3 NCL cruises coming up. The experiences, although frustrating, were not enough to keep me away.
  3. I've read this from multiple people now 🙄
  4. What is the difference between a guaranty vs. a sail away balcony?
  5. Seany527

    Havanacar Tours

    Was the car a convertible?
  6. I was on a 10 day cruise on the Dawn and the space was never used. Its very cramped up there with lower than normal ceilings. There were plenty of other quiet spaces on the Dawn with more desirable views.
  7. Thanks for the tip. I reviewed my old cruise docs and it appears I had just the 4 meals at that time.
  8. How long has the 11 night sailing been in a category of its own? In January 2019 I sailed an 11 night cruise and only had 4 dining packages. Or at least, I only used 4 of the 5 allotted to me. 😔
  9. Do you remember who the CD was?
  10. I wouldn't be nervous. I'm sure you will have a great time. I will say though, I was on the Epic in January and it was by far the worse cruise I have ever been on, as far as service is concerned. Even with dinner reservations, lines at both the specialty and main dining room had standing in line wait times of 15 minutes. I would say the average dinner time was 90 minutes, with some as fast as an hour and others up to 2 hours. 20+ mins to get a drink (usually during the day or when the ship was leaving port). The staff around the ship were by far the rudest of any ship I have ever sailed and would compare the service to that of a one star hotel on land. Freestyle daily said one activity but when you arrived the staff were apologizing for the misprint or the unexpected cancelation. I did have a great cruise and if I had to do it again, I would book private excursions and beat to my own drum, avoiding any NCL activity at all costs. It's worth noting, the Epic just got a new cruise director on the 1/10 sailing so maybe things will turn around for the ship. 🙂
  11. I didn't ask, but based on my research and the criteria listed onboard, I think can only be applied to the premium internet plan.
  12. I asked onboard- you indeed do go through your 250 minutes of internet first and then default to your purchased package. For this sailing I had the social media package, 250 minutes with free at see and 30 minutes because I was Platinum. The internet manager allowed me to transfer the 250 minutes to another person I was sailing with. That person under their account and log in accessed the 250 minutes and with my account used the social media package. I did not transfer the 30 minutes of platinum. Therefore, I used the 30 minutes first even though I was on Facebook followed by the social media package.
  13. I have some questions about the new set of locks through the Panama Canal. I will be on the NCL Joy from LA to Miami in October 2019. Is there any value in reading "The Path Between the Seas" as I will be sailing with the new locks? Is the experience the same between the old and new locks or will I feel 'short changed?' Any other tips for cruisers sailing through on Mega Ships? The information out there for the new locks is scarce.
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