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  1. Well I always say to book ahead within a time frame you feel comfortable with but if you want to wing it, you can. The regular "visitor's center" tour runs every 30 minutes at x:15 and x:45. The mixology and rum tasting tour run every hour, on the hour for the rum tasting, at x:30 for the mixology tour. Check to see where your interest is and your time window. Good luck!
  2. I've done it three times and I'd recommend the same thing. I've had great experiences with both tours.
  3. First of all thank you for taking time to do this review. Having done this in m itinerary three times myself I can tell you that every time it just gets better!! So don't hesitate to go for it again and plan according to your activity preferences. I see you prefer Carnival excursions but you can be at ease with private excursions at these islands. I love to snorkel and you were at the right island (sometimes so close to the right place!) to do this. I wouldn't do the turtle swim at Barbados again, at least in the Carlisle Bay area where most of the beach bars are and where most of the catamaran and snorkeling excursions end up going. It just gets too crowded. In St. Thomas the beach right besides Coral World is great for snorkeling, especially near the rocks adjacent to Coral World. In St. Lucia, snorkeling between the Pitons is simply amazing! We have used Spencer Ambrose three times and have nothing but praise for his outfit. His snorkeling specific tour might not be as popular but you can opt for the Beach Break tour and spend the day between the Pitons and snorkel there. In St. Kitts, Carambola is nice and posh by we love the opposite end of the beach where the Shipwreck bar is located. Snorkeling off the beach behind it is also pretty good. We're also creatures of habit and during a cruise and we tend to gravitate towards activities we've already done and enjoy even if we repeat. So I get your vibe. But after 4 crises (one on NCL) on the same region I am bent on mixing it up on our next go-'round.
  4. If you have a full day after your cruise I'll give you an alternative that might interest your 7yo (and you as well) more than the rain forest. You should check with the Bio Bay tour operators to see if they have 2 person kayaks. That might be better for you since an adult would be controlling the kayak and to tell you the truth, I'm not really sure they let kids that young pilot one themselves anyway. The phase of the moon could lead to a bit of a disappointing trek, so you might want to take that into consideration. Another option you might want to consider is a tour of the Las Cabezas de San Juan nature reserve. Check out this site: http://www.puertoricodaytrips.com/las-cabezas-de-san-juan-nature-reserve/ They have a daily English tour but I can't seem to reach the reservations page so you might want to give them a call. You'd have to rent a car since there's no shuttle or organized tour from the hotels to the reserve but driving in PR is fairly easy since road signage, while in Spanish, is designed to be the same as in the States and Google Maps and Waze work great in Puerto Rico. There's an awesome, calm beach just outside the reserve gates so you might want to take the opportunity to spend a few hours pre or post tour there. There's also a small restaurant just across the street as well or stop by the food kiosks at Luquillo.
  5. There's no Oasis-class ship in that picture. The Edge comes into San Juan every other week on Tuesday and that looks like a Vista-class Carnival ship in the middle and a Holland America in the foreground. Carnival docked both ship at pier 4 (to which they hold a lease to) where the Fascination embarks and debarks and Edge was at the western side of pier 3. That was actually the same berth the Edge occupied when Epic had the accident with the east side of the pier. I know because I went that night to see the Epic. The Oasis-class ship dock in San Juan on Thursdays, alternating between Harmony and Allure OTS.
  6. Yes. That's the beach at the end of Tartak street that I mentioned. There's also a private chair vendor but that package sounds like a good deal. The hotel pictured is the San Juan Water and Beach Club, which is quite nice. Do a search for it and see for yourself. A taxi ride would be around $20-$22 for up to 5 of you from the port, each way. With your timeframe, you could leisurely get off the ship at 8am and still have a solid 4 hours to enjoy your beach day there.
  7. Yeah I should know. I'm from Puerto Rico and we got hammered by hurricane Maria while the Fascination was in sunny St. Lucia, for example. While that situation would be a major disruption for sure, I was simply making a point as to things that could happen during the cruise that would affect the ship or its passengers.
  8. Well at least the dock she will be using then will be a straight shot in, not much turning (unless she does a 180 degree turn to come in reverse) and straight into the wind. Oh and no dock extensions either...hahaha. She could inadvertently keep going and run into the marina a few hundred yards away, though!
  9. I'm sorry. I seem to be misunderstanding you. Please elaborate as to why you cannot walk to El Morro. There are multiple ways to walk to El Morro from various parts of the city. I'm actually born, raised and living in Puerto Rico and have more than a few personal stories about my time in and around El Morro. So, unless I'm missing something, I don't quite seem to get why it is you cannot walk to El Morro.
  10. This is a very old city so there will be some obstacles. That said, most of the sidewalks have good enough surface for you to navigate a wheelchair on and most corners will be flat to the street surface for ease of mobility. Your problem could be the street itself. They are cobble stones and they are not evenly flat, especially the older parts of the city that have not been restored. Hills aside, you should have no problem getting at least to the center of the old city to Plaza De Armas in front of city hall. A walk from the pier to the San Juan Gate around the base of the old city (and up to the base of El Morro fort if you decided to go for it all) wall is another option.
  11. Closest one in Casino Metro at the Sheraton Convention Center hotel. You will need a cab to get there but it's about 10 minutes away.
  12. You can easily do both on your time frame. You need to decide if you want to be closer to the ship to start to start or finish. San Cristobal is less than 10 minutes walking distance from the ships and a bit more accessible from the lower entrance (not everyone knows of this entrance when they visit). The walk to El Morro is a mile long, slightly uphill. San Cristobal has more square footage since is more spread out but you can see most everything important in about 90 minutes to 2 hours. El Morro is larger in stature since it has more levels and elevation than San Cristobal. I'd budget at least 2 hours. Forget the trolley! You'll only waste precious time waiting for space for everyone on one of them and they don't have a regular schedule since they are at the mercy of inner Old SJ traffic. If you want to leave more time to explore or ample time for a niche lunch, take a taxi to El Morro, which is farther, and walk back to San Cristobal, then to lunch. Taxi should be about $10 or less.
  13. The ferry is just $1 per person round trip and you catch a $5 taxi (each way) to the Bacardi factory. That said, I'd suggest you visit the Casa Bacardi website and read up on the types of tours they offer. The historical tour is just a guided tour of their visitor's center and is about 45 minutes long. You don't get to see any of the factory floor with any of the tours. And I'd honestly say your kids will be like "Mehhh..."
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