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  1. I truly dislike the taxi service and taxi drivers in Baebados. They pretend to charge you what ever the heck they want, even with posted and set fees. They usually have attitudes, and some are very unwelcoming. At least that's our experience. That's why we walked to The Boatyard last time we were in Barbados and will do it again next time, unless we pre-book a tour to another place on the island. We took a taxi on our way back from Boatyard because it was included with the entry fee and those drivers have always been nice. The "morning guys" at the terminal seem to be the real problem.
  2. From the news article and picture I saw, it was on the Pan Am pier.
  3. Do yourself a favor and don't go to the beach in Condado during winter. Surf is rough in that area during that season and the popular beaches like Escambron (which has no food facilities) and the beach behind La Concha and Marriott Stellaris hotels are not really safe, especially for kids. My best suggestion would be Isla Verde beach at the end of Tartak street. The water is much calmer, there are vendors for chairs and umbrellas. It has a restaurant across the street but it can be pricey but there are several more casual restaurants and fast food joints (BK, Wendys, Church's Chicken, Taco Bell, Chilli's, etc) within walking distance from the beach. Taxi rates are quoted per trip for up to 5 passengers but the vans carry up to 7 (6th and 7th passenger add $2 to the base rate). All in all you should be looking at a $22-$24 fare each way for all of you.
  4. @FairportNY Most gas stations along the way have small convenience stores attached to them although it might not seem apparent at first. If your in need of buying some refreshments or snacks, they can be a good, cheap option. Gas prices are per Litre and distances are in Km while speed is stated in MPH (don't ask why, not one soul seems to know!!). Don't be afraid to try the food from the rustic kiosks. and load Google translate on your phone just in case!
  5. This is standard on Enterprise. One of their corporate slogans is "we pick you up". So yes, when renting from a location not readily accessible to you, they will pick you up free of charge.
  6. More than likely this excursion is done on a direct partnership between Carnival and Toro Verde and that's why you don't see any other third parties offering the same tour.
  7. As of today, I was told they are still not running.
  8. Sapphire is awesome for snorkeling and for its vibe! It's one of our go-to beaches when we stop on a cruise and when go for a weekend getaway as well.
  9. Yes, locals still fish from Dos Hermanos bridge besides the San Juan Marina. I have passed by that spot a million times and have never seen anyone reeling in anything other than a beer and a story but hey, maybe my timing is off. LOL
  10. If you're off the ship by 4:30pm you can walk over to San Cristobal fort (it's about a 15 minute walk). It closes at 6pm so you'll have at least a good hour to browse around the fort, maybe even catch the sunset. After that you can just walk around Old SJ and maybe eat at one of the many good restaurants or shop in the many stores in town.
  11. per trip, for up to 5 passengers.
  12. I can't give any advice on the tour itself but if it's a ship organized tour, no matter how close to (or how long past) the all aboard time, the ship won't sail without you. Never. You run that risk on a private, third-party tour but not on a ship tour.
  13. Has anyone even thought about that loungers (poolside or otherwise) break due to wear and tear? I don't think they order one or two loungers to replace "one or two" that break during a cruise. They have extras lying around, you can bet on that. A lot? Tons? Gazillions? Who knows... What does it even matter?!?! This is an amenity that you either have luck getting if your balcony can accommodate it or you don't. It doesn't hurt to just ask nicely. I'm sure I will when I sail the Epic in a few monthns on my angled balcony. If the steward comes through, I'll tip him well. If not, a simple "OK, thank you" will do.
  14. Not sure about the work on the Frontier pier but there was news report a few days ago where the government, in conjunction with NCL started work to Prepare the dock for the Epic, including adding extra bollards (where the mooring lines are tied to) to accommodate for the Epic's extra length since that pier was not designed for such large ships.
  15. Not far at all. All are within walking distance from the Vanderbilt. If you're facing the hotel, you'll be walking to the right along Ashford Ave.
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