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  1. I have the same issue with 2 tours I booked and paid for in Iceland. Just got notification that they've gone bankrupt. They were a very reputable tour company with excellent ratings. Been in business for a long time. I was out about $ 500. Called my Visa company and they were very nice and they are dealing with a lot of these type of situations. They gave me an immediate refund to my card for the total amount. So you might want to just contact your CC company. Teanne
  2. I had the same experience. They were wonderful. I emailed them and said that I would not be on the cruise and they totally understood. They offered me a "price lock" for 2021 plus a 10% refund which has already hit my CC. So we are keeping a credit with them to use next year. They also offered "priority booking" for 2021 when we give them out dates. Really wonderful customer service. Teanne
  3. My SIL and I are booked (and totally paid for) on an Alaska cruise on the Millie plus we have a 6 day pre-cruise tour through RCCL. The cruise portion starts in Seward and ends in Vancouver. The pre-cruise tour is the usual to Denali and Alyeska with tours, transportation and hotels. Everything is already paid for including several private tours while on the cruise. I haven't heard anything from X about a cancellation. Haven't talked to my TA about it (she's on vacation in Alaska) yet but will next week. Do you think theres any chance this cruise will still sail-with Canada being clo
  4. OK thanks-that sounds like a great option since Celebrity is my # 1 favorite line and I can always do another cruise with them. Teanne
  5. Thanks. I looked at some youtube videos too and it looks like we will enjoy it.
  6. Retreat cabana. The Lido cabanas were all sold out.
  7. I went head and book a Cabana on the NA for our 7 day caribbean cruise that leaves on the 29th. Wondering if these are nice and worth the money. Anyone have any experience with renting these for their cruise. How was it. How was the service. Do you feel it was worth the money. I ended up getting the last one available so I guess they are popular. Looking forward to getting some feedback on this. Teanne
  8. Perfect. Thank you. Now it all makes sense. Teanne
  9. Thanks for the info-very helpful. I just downloaded the HAL app too. Thanks again. Teanne
  10. I purchased internet for an upcoming cruise for myself and my husband. They didn't really give any information about the internet except the cost and that it would be "delivered to my cabin". Anyone have any experience with HAL's internet. Is it unlimited and can you use more than one device. Is the ship wifi cabable? I'm on Nieuw Amsterdam leaving FLL on Feb 29. We like to read and check emails and surf online. HAL's website leaves a lot to be desired.They could learn something from Celebrity and RCCL. Teanne
  11. Its weird because I haven't heard anything from HAL so far. But our cruise isn't until the 29th so maybe I'll be getting one closer to the cruise date. Teanne
  12. TeanneTX


    Are you by any chance on the Celebrity Millenium leaving May 24th? My sister and I are on that cruise and I have everything booked except Ketchikan. Will have to do some more research. Teanne
  13. Thanks for the info on the pizza place. Will check it out.
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