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  1. The sliders are three mini, not very memorable, hamburgers. Their cuteness outweighs their culinary value, IMHO Nowhere in the same league as White Castle 😭
  2. Pardon me for violating your restriction as we have never sailed in 8036, however, that cabin is actually about 60 feet aft of the (seldom used) pool bandstand. As 8036 abuts the staircase, it is actually under the kitchen/storage areas for Waves Grill. Might be noisy in the AM.
  3. The larger issue here is that ships pay User Fee's and Taxes to a Port based on the services which they intend to use. In other words, a ship pays more to a Port where they intend to embark/disembark than to what is known as a "through Port". What you want to make sure of is that your actions (i.e leaving the ship early) do not impact the status of the Ship in that Port. Note: there is usually some leeway built into the system but who knows how many of your shipmates are also planning to disembark early?
  4. +1 It does not help that by day 3 of the cruise 75% of one's fellow travellers begin to smell alike-
  5. The availability of Guides varies dependent on the time of year and port. In remote ports there may be very few Guides available; in high volume ports (think Alaska) Guides may prefer to work for ships that call weekly. Regardless of any previous experience, there is no "written in stone" date when the Guides will become available and get hired. It is true, however that they are usually hired between 240 and 180 days out.
  6. Come the Revolution Comrade- These Capitalist excesses will be history!
  7. Why would it matter? I can understand preferring one Director over another, but nobody is booking or cancelling based on that fact. Are they?
  8. +1, Pinotlover The common consumer seldom thinks about it, but as prices veered upward following the second World War, duplication of services to avoid any possible disappointment has gradually been phased out of every equation. To put it in layman's terms, universal guaranteed backup is a cost which "could possibly" benefit maybe 2% of clients over time and there have already been seven generations of Financial Geniuses working on minimizing those costs. Result: Reputation damage caused by last minute cancellation is recognized but it is no longer competitive to pay for backup before the fact. Welcome to 2019.
  9. At a Tea, I imagine that most people think of the scones as nothing more than a delivery system for butter, clotted cream and Jam. After that treatment, how dry could they possibly be?
  10. My advice, which no one asked for, admittedly, is to forget the Oceania excursions and see if you can schedule the Hypogeum. https://booking.heritagemalta.org/ Absolutely breathtaking!
  11. You infer where I do not imply-
  12. How practical- Of course, by not taking the cruise at all you could save a few thousand more- And if you put off buying that winter coat for another year.....
  13. Have you looked at your Oceania Account Online? Sometimes the room assignment appears there, first. 😃
  14. Yes, and you may also return all your Christmas presents and pocket the cash- Why not just enjoy?
  15. Drinks in the Bars, Treatments in the Spa, Doodads in the shops, it will be gone before you know it
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