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  1. There have always been chairs along that counter.
  2. This thread references an accident which occured to an outside vendor which possibly had a contract with a different cruise line. The only connection to Oceania is that they also travel to Alaska, and might, under different circumstances, have purchased tours from that vendor. I would call that an extremely tenuous connection.
  3. The wines were awful, yet you looked them up for land based retail purchase??? Similar to the dowagers who found the food disgusting but were incensed at the small portions. 🀐
  4. What you continuously fail to comprehend, RJB, is that posting every type of information without any rhyme or reason will only diminish the communication which you are seeking to increase. The sheer volume of random information would plunge Cruise Critic into unreadable chaos. The "rules" are there for a very good reason. In short, your knee jerks far too often for your own good. πŸ˜‰
  5. No, nothing at all- If you read the article it refers to a private air tour company which had a contract running with Princess. There is not even a tangential connection with Oceania.
  6. I still contend that this is a bit far afield. Tee shirts are sold at the pier as well, would a post about a fire in a tee shirt factory be appropriate?
  7. Interesting and poignant, but decidedly off topic for an Oceania Cruises Forum. Why was it posted here?
  8. In this case, a highly coveted Butler.
  9. The Moderators of this Website have established an area, commonly called the Roll Calls, wherein passengers who are presently booked on a Cruise are encouraged to network. To organize that connecting, these Roll Calls are segregated, first by Cruise Line, then by the Ship, and finally by the sailing date. To find the Roll Call for your cruise, first go to the Oceania Section: http://boards.cruisecritic.com/forumdisplay.php?f=420 Choose your vessel, and then page down to search for your embarkation date. Within your Roll Call, you will be dealing only with those Passengers who are literally β€œin the same boat”, so you will have a much better chance of connecting with someone... Enjoy your cruise, and every minute of the planning- Getting there IS half the fun
  10. I would worry more about it if I had ever met a single solitary person who ever categorized themselves as an "old 55". Everyone sees themselves as young Until they die, anyway.... πŸ˜‡
  11. There is a bar with a piano, but I would not exactly call it a piano bar in the way in which that type of venue has developed on the mass market lines. Don't expect sing-a-longs.
  12. That may be true, but the plastic itself was likely exported to them from Europe or North America, therefore the answer is in amending plastic regulation on those Continents.....even for exports.
  13. I don't believe that I have ever sailed on, or even heard of, a Cruise ship pool which was open all night.
  14. True, but like it or not this is a "one life to live" situation.... My father, rest him, waited too long for a "stress free window" to visit Egypt. Mother became more realistic later in life, and was thrilled by Ghiza.
  15. Everything that you or Oceania does, regarding the Air arrangements will be controlled by availability of seats on the plane. Prices can be quixotic, so I'm always in favor of booking early.
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