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  1. Yup, it may be political- Which should be teaching us that the earlier, also political, decisions to treat Healthcare as the problem of each individual, rather than a Planetary safety net, were flawed in the extreme. In reality, no man is an island, but that smacks of Socialism to a certain element. Compromise may seem more attractive after a year in the Iron Mask 💣
  2. In my opinion, impatient persons rushing through this process have loused everything up for the rest of us over and over again. Darwinism will sort this out in the long run, but it would be more expedient if people took a breath before rushing back out into the fray immediately when legal restrictions end. They call patience a virtue for a reason......
  3. Speaking strictly about the size and location of the Stateroom, you may be correct. For additional Dining options and amenities, however, as well as the additional services of a Butler, which can add great value to the enjoyment of an Oceania cruise, I would always be tempted to book the Suite. Different people, different priorities 🤭
  4. Why yes, because obviously your interactions with the Virus will depend completely and entirely on your actions. Isn't this just the type of thinking that got us here in the first place?
  5. As far as I understood the 125% Offer, it was only for voyages through the end of November 2020. The last wave of Cruises which were cancelled were in December of 2020, I don't see how they would qualify.
  6. Dare we trust anything that J&J comes up with after their baby powder debacle?
  7. I hope that you are not saying that you are ordering drinks under your Beverage Package and then giving them to your guests, as that could get your Butler into serious trouble. 😵
  8. The "original" recipe diddles around with making a rather complex Asian vinaigrette, but this salad is basically duck fried crispy with the skin on, watermelon cubes and basil. A light splash of Balsamic, adds a very similar, super easy tang. Enjoy!
  9. RCCL has been waiting for a number of years for Azamara to make them some money, unfortunately, their ROA has never been better than dismal. Factor in that no Azamara newbuild has ever been on the horizon and it seems to me that the handwriting is on the wall.
  10. +1 Looks more and more to me like RCCL is getting ready to pull the plug. They gave it a good run and a long leash, anyway...
  11. In dollars and cents, perhaps yes- Yet I always find the real joy in the Prestige package to be in the effortless usage which it affords. My World Card is always with me, so if it pops into my head that Prosecco on the pooldeck would be lovely after a long day ashore, it just happens. Similarly, if I look at Dessert one evening and decide that it just isn't worth the calories , (a rare occurance on Oceania, to be sure), replacing it with a decadent nightcap is eminently doable. My World, my way.........indeed 🤭
  12. In a word, no. Sounds like your Agent did not explain the Guarantee Process adequately. When buying a Guarantee, Oceania picks the room, not the passenger.
  13. I've been over this situation often enough to realize that people who suspect that there will be a noise problem always end up having an issue with the noise. Do yourself a favor, and change cabins.
  14. Speaking of luxury Dept. store prices, Maggie Smith tells a wonderful anecdote about being so shocked by the completely outrageous prices of foundation garments at Harvey Nichols (this would have been in the 1960's) that she might have preferred going the mastectomy route............Maggie said it, not ME!
  15. Enjoy the little things in life- For Someday, you will realize That they were the Big things.
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