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  1. It is interesting that you, who seems to have been annoyed that others did not share this information with you, now chooses not to Post that answer here. Whatever happened to "do unto others?"
  2. Agreed that many of them are fouled up, mostly by well meaning passengers fiddling with the knobs and dials. The good news is that a simple phone call to Engineering will get a "TV specialist" sent to your Cabin to get it reset back to factory settings. Works about 80% of the time, and if not they will try to substitute a stand-alone player t (first come, first served of course). OTOH, it IS amazing how, with a captive audience such as an Oceania ship, the plot twists of a random episode of Maud can sweep the community. God will get you for that, Walter!
  3. I must disagree RBG. The other Boards are there for a reason. If everyone were to Post in both places just so that their request should receive maximum "coverage", wading through the duplicates would overwhelm the uninitiated and discourage the regulars. We must also be careful of encouraging behaviors which might put us on the naughty list.
  4. Do you really want to deal with carting all your luggage, and yourselves to the train station? Whenever I take a european train, it is always arriving on the "other" track which requires going up and down flights of stairs.
  5. +1 Paul, but I will add that we have never been on ANY SHIP where we got the cabin to be as cool as I would like it (68-ish) with the curtains undrawn. The cabin drapes are insulated for a reason.
  6. As usual. your delightful lighthearted post is a joy to read. Temper your demands with a little honey, next time, and maybe a response will appear. A word to the wise should be sufficient.
  7. The Website will work for dining, but you will have to wait until your reservations window opens for each segment.
  8. +1, beautifully stated
  9. Passengers disembark after the ship is cleared by Customs and/or Immigration. Difficult to predict, as this will depend on where the ship arrives in Dublin from. In my experience, it is best to let the Car Service suggest a pick up time. They have done all of this before.
  10. True, but for those looking for a second or third bedroom, those in between cabins provide an alternative. Also, those cabins which interconnect with the Vistas adjoin through the bedroom in the Vista. Negates the whole idea of extra privacy.
  11. As I understand it, the logic of offering those non suite cabins between the larger Suites is that they might be used as "extra bedrooms with bath " in combination with the big Suites.
  12. +1, but I can say from personal experience in Venice with multiple family members who were using wheelchairs due to advanced age that a private water tour is the way to go. They start at about $200 per person but it is 1000% less stressful, both for the person in the chair and their companions.
  13. Which would you consider the "nothing" view, facing Bermuda or facing the Ocean?
  14. For the good sailors among us, there is nothing like the "Penthouse at sea" views of the Deck 12 Oceania Suites. It is intoxicating to know that the view that they have is actually better than the Captains' is from the bridge. For those who are concerned about the motion of the Ocean, Deck 9 is a great alternative with the largest Vista Suite verandas on the ship.
  15. I won't question your experience, however: A) a great deal depends on location, time of year, itinerary and luck. B) "too windy"need not make the veranda "unuseable". For example, we enjoy sunbathing and the solid railings around the Vista Verandas are tall enough to shelter our lounge chairs from the wind. The side facing Oceania Suites don't offer this protection because the railings are open. Different strokes for different folks.
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