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  1. +1 Another issue is that the Ship cannot use its Internet Antenna when within range of land-based services. However will mummy and daddy Skype with their precious poopsie?
  2. StanandJim

    1990 Carnivale-1.jpg

    Cool for that moment on a 20 year old Ocean Liner, impossibly vulgar today.
  3. If River Cruises are your only comparison- Well, there really is no comparison. Enjoy whatever you choose.
  4. Yet there are MANY more posts from persons upset about NOT receiving same. Could it be that your way isn't the only way?
  5. Yes. As is shown in the deckplans the interior sizes of the Suites vary by deck and the size of the various verandas vary very substantially.
  6. That is why Oceania may be a better fit for you. On those previous cruises, you were paying for the privilege of "not signing". On Oceania you may choose which extras you wish to pay for and which you don't.
  7. I would have bet my life on it.
  8. +1 Also, the venue is not open every night of the Cruise. They are trying to keep it "unique and Special", and so it is ....
  9. Conversely, it should be noted that in a "name Suite" i.e an Oceania, Vista, or Owners Suite, we have never had an issue mixing restaurants, courses, or meals from ANY venue including Waves, The Terrace and/or the Grand Dining Room. On the Mainstream Lines we were used to pre-tipping in order to obtain such service. On Oceania, this has never been necessary.
  10. Like any business, Oceania prices ancillary products with an eye to what will provide the most bang for their customers bucks while still providing enough of a profit margin to keep the lights on in the home office., Most ongoing Concerns, i.e those with previous offers extant, are forced to insert legalese into newer offers to prevent a grasping few from deliberately exploiting unforeseen combinations from doubling or trebling their discounts. This is good solid business procedure, and NOT "nickle and diming".
  11. Interestingly, the restriction on terrace dividers came about because folks who request that they be open oftentimes shift/ask for outside furniture in such a way that the verandas are blocked and can't be used as a means of egress in the event of fire inside the ship. This is the same reason why the response to requests to open the dividers is not Universal. One ship may have received a warning based on blocked verandas, while another has not.
  12. I would call engine noise an absolute zero, but there is a noticeable vibration at above ten knots (which is 90% of the time when the ship is underway) and smuts from the smokestack can be an issue on the terraces of the uppermost Suites. For those reasons, we prefer the Owners Suites on the lower two decks, but any of them are heaven on earth due to the extra space and outstanding service. In other words, I might prefer one Suite over another but you won't find me turning any of them down. Sheer Delight!!!
  13. Yes I am able to tell you, and no the Dining Room is not open on Embarkation day. Eat before you board the ship.
  14. What this boils down to is that while the basic and the Prestige Packages are purchasable "items" on the Website, the $20 pp pd upgrade is not. The upgrade is more of a fix, which was added/offered later. With many of these concessions, I have noticed that Oceania does not like to streamline the process too quickly because they want the recipients to feel "Special"; it is also true that the Front Desk Staff have refined the process of replacing World Cards to show the upgraded Packages to an amazing extent. It is accomplished before they are done saying "Yes Sir".
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