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  1. Thanks. That clears up my question #2. Hopefully someone can assist in advice about whether I should buy this now or wait. I am only thinking of waiting in case the price gets cheaper. That second post came in while I was typing. The website claims the web price is 15% cheaper than buying the wifi on board. I have no problem buying in advance. I am specifically asking whether the price will drop in the next 2 months.
  2. I am 61 days until my cruise and the Carnival website says I can buy the premium wi-fi plan for $14.45 per day. My wife and I will both need to be able for our laptops to connect to wifi to check email daily for work and possibly upload court filings. This is a minor inconvenience, but the only way that we can go on the cruise. We can log on separately. 1. Will the current price get any cheaper as the cruise gets closer? 2. Can we just buy one wifi plan and share it over 2 devices? Any tips? (It is on the carnival Victory)
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