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  1. Check out gettransfer.com. You put in your request, times destination etc and then how much you would like to pay for the trip. They give suggestion of 83$ Canadian for fco to civitavecchia. Drivers will respond to you, you pick one and you set it up with them. Can ask for English speaking. Also luxury cars for more. Includes tip and 60 minute wait at airport if you are delayed. This is priced by the car...up to 3 people and luggage. Reviews read well. We are going to do this....website looks good.
  2. Thank you to you both.......so much for plan B! Guess I will pack suds and dryer sheets and get in line! Hoping all the elites go for the freebies, and leave the machines to the rest of us! Anybody know the hours the machines are open? Long cruise so need clean clothes a few times.
  3. Is it available? Cost? Turnaround time? We have found it helpful in the past. Just wondering as they have laundromats onboard if they offer this service!
  4. Reference made to new dining times. What are the times on he Royal please. How do these changes , which I presume are the set times, affect ATD.? Thank you.
  5. Good news about bottles being okay. No loss if fizz if you don’t use it all. Can you bring a few 2 litre ( 2 guart?)bottles instead of a carton of cans?
  6. I understand that you are also allowed to bring on soda from ports of call, if you have need of more. Most people say cans are better...they may check to make sure you have not filled bottles with other liquors.
  7. Hi griller . True, but remember we are LEAVING the ship to LEAVE the country later in the day. As we will have our luggage with us I am sure Chile will want to know what we are importing into their country. I am assuming they want all of us leaving the ship in a group so one agent does it all. Fishywood has done it before, so I am thinking it will be similar to what he experienced.
  8. Whoooo. Thanks to those who understood why I asked. Sounds like the pirate and us will not connect. I want to get this set up sooner rather than later. See th Princess transfer tour, but as we leave on either the 9 ish or 11 is pm flight getting there before 3 is early for me. We get a transfer included in our travel agents package, but it is leave ship at 9:00 and drive straight to the airport trip. WAYYYYY too early. Thanks
  9. Thank you all. Esoeciallly helpful was the details of how it worked for you Fishywood as you had done it! Have sent a query too the pirate! Thx.
  10. On the Royal . Doing 2 out of 3 segments of a 49 day total cruise. Arrive Santiago at 7 am. Flight out in mid evening. Can we stay onboard for several hours, rather than have to hang out at the airport? Or does everyone disembarking have to meet to do customs and get off at a set time? Can you do customs and then hang out onboard? What happens to the luggage? Our plan is probably going to be a private tour for the day, but I need to know options. I know princess has tour, but it gets to airport at 3pm. Still early. Hope somebody has done this. Thanks.
  11. Feb/19. Any hotels or resorts offering day passes to use their beach, pools, lounges, shade, bars and/or restaurants? Some have 2 prices...one to use pool, facilities, lounges and buy food/drink a la Carte.....another price where it is all inclusive. We wouldn’t use ocean, so Beach part is not important. Shade is. Info on cab fare and open hours appreciated. Thanks!
  12. Here in Feb/19. Wondering if any hotels/resorts offer day passes. Looking for beachfront, but will not go in the ocean. Will use their pool, buy a couple of drinks and probably a lunch. Definitely need shade and change room nice. Sometimes they include it all, sometimes you pay to go in and then buy a la Carte. Appreciate know ing cab fare and opening hours if possible. Thanks.
  13. How lucky to have a local on for up to date info! Thx Skylork.. Coming in Feb. any beach sided hotels or resorts that do a package for the day? Would not go in the ocean, but would love to lay on a lounge in the shade, have a dip in their pool, and buy a drink and lunch. Need shade for sure. Anything come to mind?
  14. I thought th coffee in the main aisles in the Horizon Court was made with coffee “syrup”. Am I misinformed? Assumed dining room coffee was also easy make with water just added to coffee concentrate.Hope I am wrong. Did not even know coffee is available at bars.....they must use one cup brew machines as they would never go through a carafe before it was cold and bitter! Anybody know? Thx
  15. FAMSKI...you note that on the Royal brewed coffee is available all over the ship. Does that mean in the buffet too? or is there a place in the buffet you can use your card to get the brewed cup. Where else is " allover the ship?" Thanks for the insight.
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