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  1. SHIP: Solstice CABIN #: 1508 DECK #: 11 CLASS: Aqua AREA: Forward BED NEAR: Door QUIET?: Yes BALCONY VIEW: Nice view. You can see into the bridge and back to the wake. BALCONY SIZE: Standard WIND A PROBLEM?: No SOOT A PROBLEM?: N/A PROBLEMS/COMMENTS: This is a pretty good cabin if you don't mind walking a bit from the elevators. It's near the 'hidden staircase' to the spa. There is very little foot traffic and no noticeable noise from above despite being directly below the gym.
  2. I'll second this request. I'm heading in the opposite direction on the Solstice next week. I'm expecting some chilly sea days as we head north but I'd like to know for sure.
  3. OMG yes. I sorely miss it! I love crepes and don't get them very often at home, and $5 for all you can eat was a great deal. I also love sushi, but those a la carte prices are too much when there are so many better options on land.
  4. That sounds fabulous! Thanks for sharing. I'll be sure to keep an eye out for an upgraded buffet day/evening on my upcoming cruise on the Solstice. It sounds like a version of the good old extravagant brunch with lots of seafood and other delicacies (and ice sculptures).
  5. I'm afraid I can't answer that. Why not go ahead and call X to inquire? It would be logical to offer you the lower-priced package at no additional charge, but of course, I don't expect that to happen!
  6. The gratuity is 20% and is added to the cost of the package. So your upgrade to premium NA would cost $4.80 per day.
  7. You might also have better luck getting a table for two if you choose select dining instead of traditional.
  8. I would say it's a tiny minority of cruisers who actually avoid the buffet. 😕 I generally avoid it as much as possible, but sometimes you're hungry between meals and just want a slice of pizza or some cheese....or you want something more substantial than spa cuisine but healthier than a burger for lunch.
  9. I believe the lower limit applies to TA cruises with water use restrictions. It's in the fine print of the Captain's Club perk list.
  10. I'm not one to shame anyone for eating too much--that's their business--but one wonders how such people behave at home. Do they just completely let loose when they're on holiday since no one knows them and it's simply too much trouble to uphold basic standards? Or are they just generally ill-mannered no matter what the setting?
  11. I agree with the OP and GastroGnome. Eating while you're still in line is just rude. It may not be unsanitary, but it's very poor manners nonetheless. If you're that hungry, why don't you just grab a few items, go sit down to eat, and come back for more food later?
  12. Call Celebrity ahead of time. They will have a sharps container in your stateroom upon arrival. With all due respect, cb at sea, this is not recommended. It's dangerous to clinic staff to ask them to accept used sharps in anything but a proper (hard plastic) sharps container, and many places will refuse.
  13. If we're talking strictly about the spa benefits from Aqua class, then it's all about access to the ship's thermal suite. There are heated stone/tile loungers (I personally love them), a dry sauna, and some steam rooms. From what I've seen men seem to enjoy these as much as women do, but of course, that's your personal preference! One simply soaks up the heat and relaxes.
  14. I personally love the pool or solarium for warm-weather relaxing. There's Cafe Al Bacio for coffee, pastries, and a comfy place to hang out indoors. Sadly the library has been removed. I recommend you check out the deck plans on Celebrity's website. Best specialty restaurant is probably Tuscan Grille, though I haven't tried the others. Main dining and buffet are also very good, as is typical for Celebrity. No, you certainly are not permitted to smoke on your balcony, and violations are punishable by a fine. There is one smoking area where cigars are permitted--check the forums for a thread on that subject.
  15. True Blu Celebrity fan here! I've never tried another cruise line, but from what I hear of NCL it has some downsides--most notably smoke control problems (yuck) and lots of lines, both of which are far superior on Celebrity. I love the Summit. She has such a cozy, comfortable vibe. Certainly not the fanciest ship on the seas but very lovely.
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