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  1. Can anyone help ? Have tried to book reservations for dinner before our cruise. We leave in 4 weeks on the Dawn. The times I would like are not available. I know the cruise line holds back on availability . I have heard they only pre reserve a limited amount. How do I make my reservations when I get to the pier.? Is there a desk set up in the embarkation building ? That happened a few years back. Has that changed ? Where would I go on the ship to make reservations. Direct to Restaurant or reservation desk near the purser.? With the amount of people that are embarking I am trying to get helpful hints on what to do. Thanks.
  2. Thanks for your comments. I will be picking the Moderno restaurant. Have eaten there before. Fantastic !!!!!!
  3. We are going soon on the Dawn. I would like to reserve my 2 Platinum dinners before we go. I have a question . How is the dining made when choosing Moderno. As the perk says... You can only have 1 appetizer, 1 entrée and one dessert. Isn't Moderno the restaurant where meats are brought to your table on skewers and you pick and choose pieces.? Is it different for platinum "free" dining perks? Maybe we would be given special limited menu to pick from.
  4. Hi. Husband and I were chosen at random. Found out later there was notice on the first page of the Freestyle Daily. People had to enter a drawing to be chosen. We had not entered. Maybe not to many guests signed up. We also did not take embarkation photos. So it was not photo. We are platinum. not platinum plus members. The one table was set up for 9 guests and the officer at the head of the table. The officer was the safety officer. One guest was an ex NFL player and his wife. There was 3 women across from us , 3 generation , grandmother , mother, daughter. Two no show guests.( Their chairs were vacant.) And last but not least, me and my husband. Great conversation, meal and drinks. Dinner was in the Aqua and we were on the Dawn out of Boston August 2017.
  5. Could someone direct me to the bus stop. I plan on buying a 2-day bus pass. If I remember correctly. Once off the ship I would walk past all the taxis and hang a right toward snorkel park. Is the bus stop still in that area.? Things are always changing. Thanks.......
  6. Have booked cruise that has a Latitude onboard credit. Was wondering if the $30 on board credit shows up on my NCL reservation site ? Or do I only see the credit once I am on board the ship. There are so many papers they slip under your door while on the ship . I don't what do miss out on anything coming my way. Happy to be going on a cruise.:D
  7. We had a slight delay leaving Dockyard on Sept 9. Anyone know why.? Heard rumor of someone getting hurt. Hope not. What a way to end a vacation.
  8. Husband and I will be on her in 8 weeks. Love the dawn.:)
  9. I looked around on google. Found co-ordinates 36 24 by 66 42 She has got a few more hours. Hope the seas are smoother now.
  10. Just wanted to know how much the gratuities are per person /per day. Going on the Dawn in August 2014. I also want to pay this before I go. Is this a good idea.? Easier to read receipt for on board charges at the end of the cruise.
  11. Hi. Was thinking of getting a family suite on the Dawn. Could you all tell me of the perks that come with it. I read some posts and there does not seem to be a clear view on that. I want a family suite on deck 12. It seems like it is one of those added after the ship had drydock last year. Will be taking two young teens with us. Thanks
  12. While on Norwegian Dawn 2011 we attended the white hot party. Had three boys with us . 11yr 12 yrs and 17 yrs. we got there on the earlyside. It was held in the Spinnaker lounge. There was some sort of game show going on in that room before party. We had great seats enjoyed the game show and then the white party started. The music was going , the kids were dancing and having a great time. Then a security person came toward me and said that we had to leave. This was one of the only parties that under 18 was not allowed. We did not put up any fuss. We left and just found other things to do. We found out that this party had a"R". rating............. In my view.......... Too much liquor and nightclub atmosphere for the kids. If you want to go to a club, this is the event of week to go see.
  13. Will be 5 of us going on the dawn to bermuda this oct. There are three adults who have passports. The other two are my grandsons 10 and 12 years old. There mother is not going on this trip. we have tried to get passport cards for them. No luck Cannot get absentee fathers signature. Was rejected by the government agency that issues passports. Will keep trying to find him( father) for signing the documents needed, My question is has anyone brought kids without passport or passcard. I will be bringing birth certif. and notorized document from mother. What else should I bring for them. Please help ease my mind.
  14. Hello, I need to know if any one out there knows which ship will do the boston-bermuda run next year. Will the Dream still do this itinerary.? Thanks
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