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  1. Thanks for sharing the info. I just needed it to be made clearer to me. It has been a few years since cruising on Norwegian, I searched for answers. Had no luck. So I had to post this inquiry.
  2. I have tried to find info on how to reserve both. I have the 3 SDP and then I also have my 2 Latitude meals. What should be ordered first.? Am I correct in the order. …... The first 3 I book would be taken as the SDP. Then my last 2 would be the Latitude meals. Thanks.
  3. Can anyone help ? Have tried to book reservations for dinner before our cruise. We leave in 4 weeks on the Dawn. The times I would like are not available. I know the cruise line holds back on availability . I have heard they only pre reserve a limited amount. How do I make my reservations when I get to the pier.? Is there a desk set up in the embarkation building ? That happened a few years back. Has that changed ? Where would I go on the ship to make reservations. Direct to Restaurant or reservation desk near the purser.? With the amount of people that are embarking I am trying to get helpful hints on what to do. Thanks.
  4. Thanks for your comments. I will be picking the Moderno restaurant. Have eaten there before. Fantastic !!!!!!
  5. We are going soon on the Dawn. I would like to reserve my 2 Platinum dinners before we go. I have a question . How is the dining made when choosing Moderno. As the perk says... You can only have 1 appetizer, 1 entrée and one dessert. Isn't Moderno the restaurant where meats are brought to your table on skewers and you pick and choose pieces.? Is it different for platinum "free" dining perks? Maybe we would be given special limited menu to pick from.
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