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  1. I'm in my early 50's (don't act it tho!) In my experience the longer the cruise the older the average age. This year is my first time with NCL so I'm crossing my fingers. Last year I went on HAL for 2 weeks. NEVER AGAIN. I certainly don't mean to be disrespectful, hopefully I will be old one day, (and I'll be booking a fun ship ha ha!) but I felt like my vacation was in a cruise retirement home.
  2. I've done 2 surprise cruises, one for my friend (which was one of the best decisions I ever made, because a cruise was on her bucket list, and she died 2 years later) The 2nd one was for the same friends daughter and her husband, he was in on the surprise but she didn't have a clue. We told her on her birthday, and the week before she got a clue everyday. Was hoping to do the same this year, and surprise her husband this time, but she already had a surprise for me, she's pregnant and so can't go on a cruise this year. It was soooo much fun to plan these, you will love it. Would love to hear all of the plans as you do this. Please update us.
  3. A glass of champagne to start the cruise at the pool bar or sunset bar......bliss
  4. How about searching You Tube for ' hypnosis and fear of flying'? there's lots of recordings. Find one you like and listen to it every day.
  5. Depends on bar and ship, in my experience, yes
  6. Quote from Hunter...."I can not have sugar, oil or salt in the food." How do you survive? ---Your body needs oils and salt And from her profile directly... Interests: Traveling!! Eating out, wine tasting and movies
  7. No, room service drinks will be charged. Ask room steward to empty fridge. Every-time you go back to your room take a drink with you... you'll easily get a stash!
  8. Please don't think I'm being antagonistic here, I am merely interested. How can you not eat any oil in your diet? Meaning.... can the body survive without any oil? how would you absorb/obtain fat soluble vitamins? Salt... I find all meals on cruises to be saltier than I cook at home, I think this one maybe be the trickiest. FYI, I was a chef for many years, and all veg has added salt in any commercial establishment. Unless notified otherwise. If I had dietary requirements this serious, I would not trust a mainstream cruise company to do this. Your health is more important. But this sounds like a weight loss plan.
  9. I started reading this thread earlier today, and haven't read all posts since this morning, so apologies if this has already been mentioned..... Think about this..... if the meals are prepared on land (FYI ... I was a chef for years and I don't think this is/would be the case ever).......and they bring pre-cooked meals onboard to re heat, and they are going to reheat them in microwaves? With thousands of passengers? How many microwaves would that take? = It's not feasible.
  10. I drove to a port a few years ago, it makes a big difference, not dealing with flights and especially the luggage weight limit. Next June seems a long way off right now, but it will be here before you know it. Happy Cruising
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