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  1. This is a review of our 10 day trip on the Explorer in February 2020. We were travelling with our friends who were completely new to cruising and of course we have spoiled their choices in the future even though we explained every cruise line is not like Regent. Before we go any further we think Regent is a superb product and we would cruise with them again in an instant. Anyway some thoughts (forgive my stream of consciousness/ramble.): My wife and I have cruised Regent twice before as well as a smattering of Seabourn and Oceania cruises (larger ships). We travelled from Britain v
  2. Thanks for the info everyone. We will let our steward/ess know our needs when we board.
  3. We have cruised on Regent twice before and are taking friends with us when we return to Regent in a few weeks. We have always travelled in the Concierge Suites (and will this time too) and have asked our steward/ess to place two bottle of spirits in our room. Scotch for me and Gin for my DW. We have explained this to our friends who are new to Regent but looking on the Regent website, it doesn't mention this. It states, "Back in your suite, your mini-bar is replenished daily with soft drinks, beer and bottled water — all complimentary." Are bottles of spirits still available an
  4. Thanks for your guidance everyone. Am I right about actually booking the excursions online, in that I will need to have both profiles open to book the same excursion. There isn't a similar setup to Dining excursions where one can book your friends onto your table if you have their reservation number?
  5. In a couple of months two of our friends will be accompanying us on their first ever Regent cruise. It will be our third and they have devolved all the responsibilities regarding booking Dining and excursions to me. I think I have the Dining adequately planned – I believe we can book a table for 4 as long as I quote their reservation number. But I am enquiring about booking excursions jointly. I have set them up with a Regent profile so I have access to that and I obviously have a profile myself. When excursions are released will I need to go online with me on my own profile and hav
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