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  1. Thank you for your suggetion. Shete Boka is a must go.
  2. I will sail to Curacao in December. Last week, NCL changed docking time at Willemstad from 9 hours to 12 hours. No hesitation, I contacted Advance reserve a car. Looking forward to seeing turtles. Is Playa Grandi the best place to snorkel and watch fishes and turtle? I am a starter of snorkeling, any advises about Snorkeling in Curacao?
  3. Thanks. It is really helpful.
  4. I am going to rent a car on the day we dock at Willemstad. I am wondering how convenient the parking is. Eg, Can I park at the road side when seeking flamingo? Is there a free parking lot at the dock? is park free close to the beaches? My plan is to visit east side in the morning, drive back to ship for lunch, then go to the west side, Shete Boka Park and a couple of beaches for snorkeling. is there any view points in the east? Any suggestions and advises are appreciated. Many thanks!
  5. I would like to book a bus tour at port of Bonaire. The tour ends at 12:00 pm, while the ship schedules to depart at 1pm. Is there any risk I might miss the ship? Usually, how long prior to the departure time should I be on board for Epic at dock of Bonaire?
  6. Thank you for input. Never sailed in a Hull balcony cabin. It does not look as good as a regular balcony☹️. It still has a big open hole, instead of being fully covered by window, right?
  7. I booked Sail away balcony on Epic and got the cabin assigned very quick. It is B6 #10013. How is this cabin? Is there any view Obstructed? should I be very happy to get a real good deal? Actually, I booked a sail away inside first, then found that the price dropped by 100+. I called my agent, but could not get any credit, since it passed the final payment date. I added $100 to upgrade to Sail away balcony. Hope it is a good decision.☺️
  8. Thanks Reedprincess. Great suggestions. I would do Morne Fortune(1 hour) and Pigeon(4 hours). The traffic back to port from Pigeon at around 6pm would not be too bad , is it right?
  9. We will dock at Castries' port from 12:30-7:30. It is not enough time to go with a 6-hour Cosol tour? Are any buses waiting at port to provide a half-day sightseeing tour? We would like some historical, sightseeing, shopping or natural activities. Any suggestions are appreciated. Thanks,
  10. We are sailing with Norwegian Epic in Dec. which port does Norwegian use in San Juan? I want to find a hotel close the port. Thanks,
  11. Hi Cruisenthusiast, Have you been completed your cruise? How is the driving on Aruba and where did you go? I will be on Aruba in December and to book a jeep to explore this island. We are a little bit nervous with off-road driving on Aruba.
  12. Didn't it go to lighthouse?
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