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  1. We are having a Baltic cruise in late June. My wife is worried, while I am not very much. The day after tomorrow is the date of final payment. We have 48 hours to consider it. It is not the beginning of the crisis now.The governments and the cruise lines have learnt from what had happened. The cruise companies have much more concern than cruisers. They will never want any of their ships to be another Diamond Princess. And, if the virus spreads seriously across the whole Europe, most countries will shut down their border. We cannot sail to anywhere even though we want to cruise. So, let the cruise company and the governments to make the decision for us.
  2. I have been Stockholm before, so I would like to relax on a Hoho bus in this summer's cruise. However, I read some negative reviews on it: long waiting time at bus stops; getting on wrong bus, as so many similar Hoho buses; worrying about returning in time to ship; crowded travelers and less buses.... What was your experience on Hoho tour in Stockholm? Which tour company will you recommend? When returning to the port, do they provide one or several times to get on the return bus to the port? Any other advice on Hoho bus? Thanks,
  3. I understand what you said now. I applied for tickets of matches in Amsterdam. I would watch game before sailing if i am lucky. I am keeping my fingers crossed for it. Lol
  4. Hi Dogs4fun, I looked into your link, but didn't see that cruiser won't get a Fan ID.
  5. SPB, TJ and Alla, I think they are the big three? It is among them. I wanted to buy ballet ticket of Mariinsky Theatre by myself. They would charge me US$60 only to drive me back to ship. I asked if I could Uber back. They said" yes!"......This was the story.
  6. Dogs4fun and Trosebery, I believe you are totally right. I double check with that company. They said by law, cruisers are not allowed to returned on their own, but some of their customers risked to do that without problem. Their claim was not professional and responsible.
  7. That tour company is ranked top 3 and having great reputation. Lol. Thank you for your advice.
  8. I learnt that cruisers with blanket visa/tour ticket have to be accompanied by a tour company's guide every where. Even when watching a ballet, we have to book ticket through or be transported by a registered tour company. I will book a 2-day tour with a local tour company. When I checked with them, they told me I could buy the ballet tickets myself. After completing daytime tour, they would send us to theater for the ballet. When ballet finishes, I could rent a taxi\Uber to go back to the port. The only issue is that taxi\uber can not drive into the port, so we have to talk a 15-minute walk from the gate to she ship. In this way, I would save some money if I could do ballet by ourselves. I am wondering which one is the right way? is there any trouble to go through custom and back to ship by ourselves? Thank you for your input.
  9. Thank for your replies. I am mainly concerned the PrivaSea/Hull cabin. Is there any mini suite has such balcony? If I upgrade to sailaway mini, I don’t want to be assigned to a privasea cabin again.
  10. I booked a Sail away balcony on Epic and assigned Cabin #10013. Later, I learnt that it is a PrivaSea/Hull cabin. The balcony is enclosed, so, some people don't like it. It worries me. Today, i found that price for mini suite dropped. I might be able to upgrade to sail away mini suite for only $80/ppl. I am wondering if all mini suites have regular balcony and where and which floor they are located. Should I go ahead to upgrade it? What differences between a balcony and mini suite on Epic? Thanks for any comments.
  11. Thank you for your suggetion. Shete Boka is a must go.
  12. I will sail to Curacao in December. Last week, NCL changed docking time at Willemstad from 9 hours to 12 hours. No hesitation, I contacted Advance reserve a car. Looking forward to seeing turtles. Is Playa Grandi the best place to snorkel and watch fishes and turtle? I am a starter of snorkeling, any advises about Snorkeling in Curacao?
  13. Thanks. It is really helpful.
  14. I am going to rent a car on the day we dock at Willemstad. I am wondering how convenient the parking is. Eg, Can I park at the road side when seeking flamingo? Is there a free parking lot at the dock? is park free close to the beaches? My plan is to visit east side in the morning, drive back to ship for lunch, then go to the west side, Shete Boka Park and a couple of beaches for snorkeling. is there any view points in the east? Any suggestions and advises are appreciated. Many thanks!
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