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  1. Really really interesting comments and observations and they have created some good and lively discussions in our household indeed. Thank you all! We know we need to more clearly define, for ourselves, our 'must see' destinations. We have river cruised before but deciding to cruise South of France, the Rhine and the Danube were almost no brainers in comparison to deciding between Russia and Romania, Bulgaria etc. Fortunately, as one CCer stated, we have choices and how lucky we are that we do. So, back to do a little more research but I am anxious to make that decision and start to look forward to the trip. Still not sure which line to cruise with but my DH is a dab hand with a spread sheet so I will leave that bit of fun to him. Again, many thanks for the great input, it's why I keep coming back to CC and all the travel experience offered. Safe travel all.
  2. Thanks for the candid comments as they have given us pause as we consider this vacation. We are also considering the Budapest to Bucharest trip; been to Budapest a couple of times and loved it but never ventured further east so far.
  3. We are looking at a Russia River Cruise for June 2020. Not too many of the main river cruise players are offering it and the reviews are not that numerous. We love the idea of three days in Moscow and three in St. Peterburg but not too sure about the six day cruise along the Volga. While both Moscow and St. Petersburg check all the boxes, some reviews are a bit harsh saying the river cruise portion is boring and there are only a few hours in each little town, others rave about them and others are a so-so review. Perhaps a river cruise isn't the right way to visit those two amazing cities?? We have enjoyed three river cruises and while we enjoyed the ship, fellow travellers, food etc, it really is about seeing new places and things so itinerary driven . We are still in the research stage but as always really appreciate the views of CC memebers. Safe travels everyone!
  4. P-651: Good points and well stated. As I said this would have been/may be our fourth cruise with Viking in four years yet I still balk at handing over my hard earned vacation money so darn far in advance. I guess the ball is my court. 'Nuff said. Safe travels all.
  5. I have been in conversations with Viking regarding booking the Waterways of the Tsars for June 2020, it would be our fourth cruise with Viking. Full payment is expected by the end of August. I asked for and was turned down when I asked for a much better final payment date. I understand Avalon, Uniworld, AMA and Emerald have more reasonable policies from 90 to 120 before start of cruise. It is disappointing for sure and I am wondering why the North American market is not pushing back at this stance. Perhaps it has and makes no difference to Viking. I'm looking at the other cruise lines naturally. Am I really off base here or is Viking's policy out of line with the rest of the industry. I can't think of anything I would pay full price for and not receive the goods or services for a year. Your thoughts or has this topic been done and dusted? Safe travels everyone.
  6. Hi, I am very prone to motion sickness whether it is train, car, boat or aircraft. We have taken two river cruises and I haven't had to deal with it at all. My only caution is that while dining I face the bow since the passing scenery can make me a little queasy if we are moving we quickly (if I am facing starboard or port). Otherwise, clear sailing! Enjoy your cruise.
  7. Our experience on Viking was to simply ask the room stewart and he provided a large container immediately. No charge.
  8. Thanks for the tip! We are familiar with the building and location (it's next to the Parliament Building on the Buda side) and had walked and driven by it but had no idea it was a B and B. We've booked two nights and they will even have a driver meet us at the train station.
  9. We are looking for a smaller or boutique style hotel on the Pest side of Budapest. If possible within walking distance of nice restaurants and cafes and reasonably safe for walking at night. Any recommendations? Also, for those who have arrived in Budapest by train, it is ok to use the waiting taxis or should be looking at booking a private car; have read some strange reviews on the perils of taxis so not sure which way to go. Many thanks for any and all thoughts.
  10. Thanks and I will check this out now. What about www.cd.cz? Have you used that site; I read somewhere that you can book and pay in advance and then simply print the ticket at a kiosk at the train station (but you can't book until 90 days out).
  11. Hello all, I've just spent an interesting/confusing hour trying to sort out a train trip from Prague to Budapest. I thought it would be fairly easy. There is a lot of information here on CC, on other travel sites and on The Man in Seat 61. Too much almost. LOL. I just want to take a Saturday morning train, 1st class seat from the station near the Prague's Old Town to Budapest. I would appreciate any tips from CC readers and then I'll go back to the drawing board. Thanks so much!!
  12. Well said all. We were so darn lucky in that our river cruise at the end of May started in Amsterdam and ended in Budapest without a hitch. No boat swaps, no long bus rides and no gliches so for us it was really great. We were thankful. Then of course the low water issues began and I for one felt so very bad for both passengers and crews!! I amongst many many others certainly kept up to date on the events via Notamermaid's posts and those of passengers on the rivers. Beginning about a week ago my email has been flooded with more than the usual offers, for cruises during 2019 at reduced rates and with free air, from Scenic, AMA, and Viking so guess they are all attempting to encourage bookings right now. We are going to risk it again because for us it is great way to see what we want to see although we do tag on our own travel plans before and after. I will however be investigating a much more comprehensive travel insurance plan for the 'just in case' situations. Given the reviews on CC I think it will be $$ well spent. Happy Holidays all and safe travels.
  13. Despite the extremely low river levels with hardly enough water to float a boat, was it still a good year? I've been reviewing the feedback and it ranges from five star and exceeded expectations to endless coach trips and tears. The lure of beautiful scenery, charming towns and villages, culture and regional foods and wines will have us all back again next season I am sure even if the risk of floods or droughts cause us to pause a bit. The cruise lines reacted to the 2018 situation, according to CC comments, in myriad ways, some great and some not so much. What do you think looking back on the season? As always, safe travels everyone and seasons greetings.
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