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  1. Just a random comment- not "in the know" of exactly what's going on with the Revolution, but, we were just on the Summit a few weeks ago and I met a woman in the Retreat lounge. We got to talking about upcoming cruises, future bookings, etc, and I mentioned that we were looking at the Silhouette for the 2020 Christmas/New Year cruise and how we were excited to see a refurbished S class ship, as we'll be sailing this Christmas on the yet un-revolutionized Constellation. She told me that she too had booked a B2B on the Silhouette, but for the weeks following. Anyway, she booked the new to Silhouette, Reflection suite for the first sailing, but it was already booked by someone else for the 2nd, so she had to book a Royal suite for that one. Just prior to the Summit sailing she had received an email from Celebrity informing her that her first sailing in the Reflection suite was being changed to a Sky Suite because the Reflection suite and the Signature suites were not going to be added after all. All other higher end suites were already booked, so Skys were all that was left. In any event, if they've already told someone who booked a yet to be built suite that it wasn't going to happen, perhaps they've changed their minds about altering the ships at all in that regard. I guess time will tell. Again, I'm just going on what she told me and what she says Celebrity had told her. Who knows what will actually happen, but I'm hoping they decide to leave them as they are in regard to the Sky lounge space.
  2. I really never post anything. For this, I will. As I think, in my opinion, many longtime cruisers will understand, each and every ship has it's own heart/soul/vibe/feeling. I have had the pleasure of sailing on all the S class ships except the namesake- and will hopefully get to sail on her as well at some point. People can, and will, say that they are all the same ship, just different names. No. They are not! Each has its own personality and vibe. Each gives off a different experience. My friends, and fellow cruise buddies mocked me for that sentiment, as we had 1 sailing that I absolutely HATED! That ship was just "off". I never felt relaxed, or content at all (later comments). My first ever S class cruise was on the Equinox. It was a birthday/anniversary cruise- the first of many since my husband and I started cruising for the holidays. My birthday/our anniversary is Christmas day. It was beyond magical! I thought, yes, this is the thing, let's do it again and again- so we have- since 2013. The 2nd cruise was also on the Equinox and was equally amazing. Then we tried her sister the following year. Utter fail. That ship? The Eclipse. HATED the Eclipse! Couldn't have been happier to get off of her! All things being equal, as they "should be" on sister ships, I couldn't wrap my brain around why I was not enjoying myself. It was the vibe. It was stupid little things that shouldn't make a difference, but they did, and just kept adding up/multiplying, and kept annoying me from day 1 through day 12. The next year was back on Equinox and I was "home" again. The following year, we boarded the Reflection, and while excited for the "newest and biggest", I was worried I might feel the same as I did with Eclipse, but nope, she was fantastic! Later that year, we had a great time on her again on a Med cruise in June. This past Christmas, we sailed for the first time on Silhouette. I was leery, as I had heard a lot of rumblings about disharmony amongst staff, etc , on Silhouette, so I was expecting a similar scenario as to the Eclipse cruise. Nope- turns out, Silhouette is easily my 2nd favorite of the S class ships! I realize everyone has their own opinions, etc , regarding cruising/ships, but, hands down, the Equinox is, and always will be, my favorite of the S class ships, regardless of ever going on the Solstice or not. That ship is home. That ship has a vibe that none of her sisters match (the Silhouette is very close) and I, for one, am kinda glad that it's not getting the full on "revolution" as I don't think it needed it, and I would hate to see her vibe/atmosphere ruined just to keep up with Edge. I have no idea what the revolution will look/feel like on these ships, and while glad that the Equinox may have "lucked into" stalling the process, I'm saddened that the Silhouette is next in line for the process. Skip the line Eclipse! Let the Eclipse be the guinea pig- she needs the help! And yes, I say that jokingly, because I'm well aware that there are cruisers out there that absolutely adore the Eclipse and have similar feelings for her as I do for the Equinox! 🙂 For all those with upcoming cruises on the Equinox, worried about the "revolution", or lack thereof- don't be! She's a glorious ship and you're truly not going to be cheated out of any experience due to a lack of complete revolution. If anything, you just might be getting the best of all worlds- with an already amazing ship that's going to be refreshed, but will still be holding on to all that makes her special in her class!
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