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  1. Right, dalliowner - nothing is "free" truly. Seabourn has treated the internet like the spa - pay for what you use, it's optional - instead of like the alcohol, where all fares contribute, even if not all passengers imbibe. Either way - it's not free. But "installing" the hardware - this is not about changing routers in your basement or office. It's about switching to a new satellite network, which requires new antennae - not cheap, and not fast. Carnival has more than 100 ships in the fleet, and they will get to Seabourn sooner or later.
  2. for educational purposes only, not to get flamed! 1. The bandwidth is limited by technology (in this case, satellites). 2. Certain lines (NOT CARNIVAL) were in partnership with "better" satellites sooner, so their boats got fast wifi...faster. 3. Carnival is now "onboard" with the "better" satellites - but it requires new antennas. This is Time and Money. 4. Since the "mass market" Carnival brands compete directly with mass market Other Lines for the same internet-addicted generation, it makes sense to improve those ships first. 5. Seabourn will continue to charge for internet until it affects their bookings. So far, this implies that... 6. ...Somehow, someway, the generally older clients of Seabourn do not communicate PRIMARILY by wifi as kids do, and will not wilt without facebook. 7. Nothing is without cost. It's as "free" on another line as "free" excursions and "free" airfare. Hope that helps.
  3. I do love food, so I think I can comment on this, re: "Most Americans eat dinner between 5-7..." I have to respectfully disagree. When I was a child, maybe, we always at promptly at 5pm, as did my grandparents...and theirs. That was 40 years ago. Nowadays... I barely know anyone that still works (as in Not Retired) that is even home before 6 or 7 during the week. At any restaurant requiring reservations (I've experienced this across the country), if you don't want to wait...go at 5. But do not go at 8. While many Americans might cook and eat AT HOME at 5pm, very few dine out before 7pm. A Seabourn cruise is more of an "out for dinner every night" kind of experience, and so it will suit (I think) more folks than not. This isn't to say there aren't those who prefer fine dining at an earlier hour - clearly there are - but you are in the minority (as many Fine American restaurants will verify). Seabourn is stuck trying to please the most people with the least staff, and it also pleases a great majority of European diners, so it does make some sense.
  4. It's not complimentary - it's wrapped in the price of the fare. The boats don't own the satellites but have to pay the rent just like anybody else - I'm not sure where else it would come from. Nothing is free. Seabourn gives you an opportunity to "not pay" for what you "don't need," just like laundry and massages. While many people now "require" a connection so they can "work" on vacation, those folks are in the minority of Seabourn passengers (who are mostly retired). I could happily go a whole cruise with zero phone or internet, and sometimes wish other folks would too. I'm sure I'm not alone. (I'm not saying that there aren't people who need it - there are - I'm just saying it hasn't affected Seabourn's bottom line yet.)
  5. Seabourn wifi will not compare favorably with certain other lines until they invest in the hardware. Maybe it's already planned at the next dry-dock. It's not just a switch someone flips or a service provider they cut ties with. It's an investment that perhaps Viking already did, and Carnival is presently doing, one ship at a time. They will eventually reach Seabourn.
  6. There are no excuses. If Celebrity can get super fast WiFi installed on its 18 year old M class ships so can Seabourn on its 7 year old O class ships. Especially given the much higher fares Seabourn passengers are paying. Actually - no. Celebrity - being part of the RCL family - was able to use the "new at the time" O3b satellites - via contract - which carnival did not have access to at any price. That's a pretty good excuse. Carnival does not build or own satellites, no matter what the Seabourn fare. RCL - at some level - helped out with getting O3b to "fly" and so, apparently, had the right-of-way. The "old" satellites are simply not as fast. New developments in the past year, though, led to SES - who is partnered with Carnival - to BUY O3b - and now, eventually, I expect Seabourn will benefit from that, pending some serious hardware upgrades, and then they, too, will have very fast wifi. I still wouldn't expect the price to do down until there's an obvious pattern of unfilled cabins due to expensive internet. I hope I'm wrong.
  7. Lots of variables with Wifi at-sea. The fundamental satellite technology is different between cruise lines. Switching technologies is a big investment and not an overnight job. There's no hurry as long as the ships are full. On-board infrastructure is also a challenge. A metal box with structural steel everywhere is not the best environment to reliably deliver wifi. Years ago - when the ship was designed - it was "good enough." Seabourn doesn't slow it down on purpose. They are handicapped by hardware limitations that do not exist or have been overcome on other ships, as well as their bandwidth contract with the provider. Internet is probably a money-maker for Seabourn, but they don't get the satellite usage for free either. They can either bundle it in the fare, or break it out. Why pay for something you don't use? The VALUE of it is another thread entirely. Do they "overcharge?" That's up to you... By the way, some ships (maybe all of them by now) already use two antennas, with a 3rd as a backup. This is about keeping the satellite beam precisely located - but it will not increase bandwidth beyond what you (Carnival) paid for.
  8. Political climate notwithstanding, the odds of something happening on the day you are there in the place you are standing are far less than something/anything happening in your car-ride to the airport. That said, I've received this wise advice many times: If your heart isn't in it, do everyone a favor and don't go. You will never enjoy it to the full extent possible, and you will waste valuable loving family moments and thoughts fearing the unknown. That is no way to spend your vacation, with or without teenage daughters. Go somewhere/anywhere where your fears aren't in the conversation.
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