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  1. I have 2 footstools right now and a tote bag plus a blue shopping bag 🤷🏻‍♀️
  2. Written September 26 Again I couldn’t copy and paste from FB but at least the images of the trip report are in order. The photos themselves are reverse of how I wanted them but they are there. To explain some of my comments about exertion and pain etc, I have Multiple Sclerosis. My husband has not found the tours to be too much for him. I am 46, he is 49. In Barcelona we walked around 6 miles for example. 237747CC-A2E9-4AFD-8DC9-3F5638AE9F40.MOV
  3. Written Tuesday September 24 Today I was not able to copy and paste for some reason so I’m sharing screen shots of my FB report. ugh and due to technical difficulties part one of the report is in the 3rd photo, so read the 3rd, 1st then second.... sorry!
  4. For those (like me) that didn’t think ahead to bring envelopes, thank you cards etc.... do I hunt down my butler and cabin steward towards the end of the trip and just hand them cash then? In the dining room and favorite bars I can do that easily I suppose
  5. You’re welcome! And I bought the leg wedge off Amazon with a cheap pump so I’ve been in zero gravity here too!
  6. I just posted a pic above probably after you asked. It seems that it’s a foam wedge underneath. I felt a little low compared to my leg wedge (that I brought on) so I used one of the large European sham pillows that are on the bed and put that under my mid back. I brought my cervical head pillow from home so with all of that it feels pretty close to my bed at home. I’ve had no episodes of GERD and no backaches. I did call ahead of time but it was not set up when I got here so I then asked my room steward and butler and was able to point out which side of the bed I wanted prepared li
  7. Aren’t adjustable beds the best? I felt under the mattress and it’s actually foam propping the mattress up
  8. Nice! The suite life is pretty amazing! My guess is you’ll never go back. Lol
  9. We have yet to use the buffet, but we walk through it to get to the pool etc
  10. We have not participated in the evening entertainment as we’ve been so tired from touring all day! and I think it’s Manuel.... Miguel was one of our tour guides
  11. It is interesting. I learned today that it was the first and last time she’ll stop and Gibraltar
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