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  1. I heard exactly 24 hours before my recent cruise on the Serenade that my bid was not accepted.😪.
  2. Thank you for checking! Darn, I was hoping it would be Men of Culture...oh well...i’m sure that Initiative will be just fine! Enjoy the remaining time on your cruise.
  3. I’m enjoying your posts and pictures very much! Thank you for taking the time to do this! Four of us will be on the Liberty on Jan. 20th, so we are especially interested in this thread. I have a favor to ask of you....do you know if the Caribbean band called Men of Culture is presently on the Liberty? They play reggae and other Caribbean music on the pool deck and/or the Promenade. We have enjoyed their music on two past cruises on other ships, and last Fall on th Adventure of the Seas, I went up to them on the last night to thank them and tell them how much we enjoyed them. The lead singer told me that they had just requested to be assigned to play on the Liberty, starting in January. Are they there? It would be listed in the Compass, but I’m sure you know that. Thanks!
  4. We took this exact same tour on September 12th, and I agree with everything you have said about Paul and the quality of this tour. His van is wonderful, especially because it has a tall roof, so you can stand while entering and leaving. It’s a 15 passenger van, but he only takes 10. We LOVED the pictures and videos that he showed all along the way on and iPad mounted high up in front. If you want to go with Paul, you must book him MONTHS ahead of time. By the way, simpsol, I have the same pics you do😁.
  5. Since you bought the internet package, you should be able to get iMessages (airplane mode..WiFi on)....regardless of what ship you are on.
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