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  1. In June we had 154 points. We took a 12 night cruse followed by a 10 night cruise (22 nights). We now have 179 points?? Now the second cruise was one of those that if you booked in March you got 4 extra points, but we had booked in April 2011, and we never got around to asking about the 4 extra points. Still, something does not add up.
  2. David Thanks for the great review. We fly to Amsterdam in a couple of days for thr 21 June cruise. Dennis
  3. unberwoob

    scandanavia & russia 12 nights ?

    Do it! This is a fabulous cruise. One of our most memorable. We combined it with a transatlantic back to Boston.
  4. We have done all kinds of touring Europe. The bus tours were great when we were young. You get to see the countryside and the cities, but it is just a taste. Not long ago we took a Med cruise, which was fabulous. We did private tours in the big cities, but again it was just a taste. However, our most enjoyable touring has been on river cruises. You see the countryside, get a better taste of the towns you visit, and the food is outstanding. Not too many big cities, but Amsterdam, Budapest, Vienna, Prague, etc are wonderful. Our only problem is that the river cruises are not long enough. It's a great way to travel.
  5. unberwoob

    Important update on RCI homepage

    I think you are missing the point. jellens is talking about a fjords cruise, not Oslo. If the strike goes nationwide, it would affect all the cruises going up the coast of Norway. We are on a 12 night Arctic Circle cruise in a few weeks and a nationwide strike would affect seven ports. So yeah, a nationwide strike could ruin our cruise. :(
  6. unberwoob

    Torn between Radiance or Oasis class

    We have cruised on all four Radiance Class ships, some several times, and they are our favorite class. They are all pretty much the same except for the art work, so I would let the itinerary be the deciding factor. We board the Brilliance in about three weeks. We loved the Allure, but it was a completely different experience. It was like going to a resort, with all the neighborhoods, entertainment, and dining choices. We thought the ship was the destination rather than the ports we visited. There is no other ship like the Allure and Oasis. It was amazing.
  7. Hi Trainman, As always, I am looking forward to your reports and pictures. Although we live in St Louis, we always start our cruise trips out of Tampa since my sister is our dog sitter. We have always thought about cruising from there, but wish they had longer cruises (we don't like anything less than 12 days and usually do B2Bs as well). Don't miss being on deck as you go under the bridge. The helipad is the best place.
  8. You might find this information at: http://www.timeanddate.com. Click on the sun & moon tab, then the sun calculator.
  9. Well, the website blocked the website. Email me at unberwoob@gmail.com
  10. GTAgal The website is http://www.********.com Go to his travel page, then the Europe section. I will try also to give you the linls: http://www.********.com/Brugge5.html http://www.********.com/Amsterdam.html http://www.********.com/amsterdam2.html Good luck
  11. unberwoob

    Panama Canal Show

    My SciFi channel is showing Faceoff
  12. unberwoob

    Accessible Europe River Cruises?

    We have done many river cruises, but had to switch to ocean cruising due to mobility problems. Not wheelchair bound. The ship was not as problem. There was an elevator, although it did not access the top deck. Riverboats dock next to each other at times and sometimes we had to go to the top deck, over to the next boat and down decks to disembark. Many times docks had steps with no ramps. We loved river cruising, but it can be impossible for the mobility impaired.
  13. Sorry, I do not think this is "an excellent" addition. On sister line RCL, our accessible cabins were the E3 category. Now an AX. On future cruises, all the AX cabins are booked, but there are E3 cabins, and they are getting price drops. We no longer qualify. One price drop we missed was $400 p/p. :(
  14. The Radiance class is our favorite, so most of our cruises have been on these ships. We have always found the food to be excellent. A couple years ago we sailed on the Freedom and the food was terrible. Two weeks later on the Serenade, the same dishes were wonderful. However, we found the meals on the Allure to be very good too.