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  1. I paid for FTTF for a 6 day on the Horizon and it was 109.99 as well
  2. I don't believe so. I've brought gift cards twice and I had to load at guest services when I boarded.
  3. I'll be disappointed if, as expected, the ride is down when I'm on the Horizon in October, but yeah, I don't understand the demand or expectation of compensation if it's down. It's something new, and looks cool, but it absolutely will not make or break my cruise. Apparently it will for some, but not me.
  4. I totally get the disappointment of the ride not being open, shoot, I'm disappointed that when I'm on the Horizon later this fall that the skyride likely won't be operational as I'm a big kid and I was looking forward to it more than my wife and kids. I did not choose the ship because of that feature, but it was part of the big picture. I also don't think anybody should be expecting or thinking that there should be compensation for the ride being down. For instance, my kids and I love the 4D rides at Universal...the Spiderman and Transformers rides in particular (the 4d rides are part of why when I go to vacation in Orlando my kids prefer Universal to Disney). If they were down during my visit, we'd be disappointed, no doubt but we'd just have to roll with the flow, still enjoy ourselves, every resort/vacation area has times when attractions have to close. I do question whether this coaster they are putting on the Mardi Gras will suffer the same fate. OP, enjoy your cruise, I'm sure you all of you will still have a blast.
  5. Of course I do. I bring in cash all of the money I plan on spending and load as I see fit. I walk off the ship with no holds or balance on a CC.
  6. I don't like having potential high balances on my CC so I almost always use cash. If you get to the point where you don't have cash available to cover purchases, they typically will allow you to go maybe $5-10 over your balance, but will decline further purchases and direct you to guest services. Never had an instance where I simply didn't have any cash at the end of the cruise but like others have said, a promissory note sounds like what would happen. You likely won't be that deep in the red though as cut you off right around your 0 balance.
  7. One additional thing to look at in addition to how long in advance those cruise dates are, from what I've seen the last couple cruises I've booked, the longer cruises on the newer ships tend to have more diamond and platinum cruisers than the shorter ones on the older ships...which lowers the amount of available FTTF slots. Vista and Horizon were the only 2 cruises I've booked where FTTF wasn't available when I booked and I had to check daily to be able to eventually grab one. What ships are you cruising on?
  8. I booked 2 rooms for my family on the Horizon in October and when I booked, there were no FTTF passes available, but I was able to get them by continually checking. First became available about 3 weeks after I booked. After checking about 4-5 times a day, I happened to catch one around my lunchtime at work and grabbed it for one of the rooms...and that was it, they only had one pass available then. About a week ago, I caught a second one when I was up early at 4am prepping for work...and again, after I grabbed the one for my second room, it went back to sold out. Keep checking, multiple times a day if you can on your phone, they drop one here and there leading up to the cruise date. And like someone else said, I'd imagine some might become available on final payment due date.
  9. I am up everyday at home by 3:30am to hit the gym and then get into work (with my family and work schedule the only time I can get my workouts in is if I get really early). The first 2-3 days on the ship is a struggle for me too to stay up late to enjoy the late night activities. I try and find an hour or 2 where there's nothing going on those days that I want to attend in the early afternoon to catch a nap if/when I can and then down an energy drink or 2 in the mid evening (I don't normally drink them, but I do bring some cans of Monsters and/or Red Bulls). Then I'm normally good to go to stay up a bit past midnight.
  10. Has anyone ever booked through the cruise line themselves and then "transferred" the booking through a TA? And if so, do they still get the offers that someone else that used the TA for their booking throughout the entire process? I booked direct with CCL for a cruise later in November a while ago, and for farts and giggles, I used cruise compete to see what other offers are out there for my cruise. CCL is offering $50 OBC (I have a cove on the Horizon), when I looked at the offers, many were offering $150 OBC. The price obviously has gone up for my cabin, but before I one or more of them, I was just curious if anyone had the experience of transferring booking and getting more perks.
  11. I was having the same problems the last couple days, but now I can log in again and proceed to checkout. I hope this has been resolved for everyone else as well.
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