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  1. Thank you for your thoughts :) We have about a month left and are getting really excited!
  2. Thanks for the info. Sounds like you enjoyed yourself. This will be our first RC cruise too, so we appreciate the help!
  3. You mentioned crowding, what was lounge chair availability like? Did you dine in the MDR? If so, how long was dinner service on average? Thanks for the thoughts :)
  4. Thanks for the review! We'll be on her in just over a month! How did you find the availability of lounge chairs during the day?
  5. Thank you for sharing this, glad you enjoyed the trip!
  6. Although I'm looking for experiences specific to Anthem, any RCI experience would be better than none. I have a few questions concerning bar service: 1. On the wine dispensers in Vintages, is the Deluxe Beverage Package valid on them? Meaning you don't have to pay? I'm not sure how they work... 2. Do all bars carry all basic cocktails? I've glanced at the bar menus online and it seems all the bars are tailored to a certain theme. I'm specifically looking for where I can get margaritas, or more specifically, as raspberry margarita 🙂 2. At dinner in MDR, can you order a glass of wine from your waiter, or do you have to bring it with you? On Carnival, they had one specific bar waiter and it would take forever from him/her to make their rounds. Any experience with this? TIA
  7. I have another... What time is the welcome aboard show?
  8. Hello! How great to start a thread like this. First off, I hope you have a wonderful and safe trip! We'll be on Anthem in just about two months for the 9 day sailing. I'm wondering... 1. What are the hours of the fitness center? 2. What are your observations on deck chair availability? We're mainly interested In sitting on deck 15 (above pool). 3. Other than the standard shows, what other entertainment was offered? Thank you 🙂 Happy cruising!
  9. For us (cruising in May), iFly and Northstar became available a day before entertainment (about 120 days out). It's possible that the times are already booked; however, I doubt it since the entertainment just became available. Keep checking like two times a day! Nonetheless, I heard that you can book via the app once your within the terminal.
  10. I'm going on her this May. From my research, no, it's a very rare occurrence 😞
  11. Thanks for sharing. We'll be there in May for the first time and I'm planning out what we want to do and Barrachina is on our list!
  12. Has only been this year yet? Our trip is growing closer and I wanted to see if the shops and bars are open along the stretch near Holland House?
  13. I'm also curious. In my experience with Carnival, those using MTD was always seated restaurant style, meaning you only sat with your party.
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