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  1. Here's a few from 9369 last October. This is the furthest balcony back. We loved it!
  2. We booked two GTY inside cabins on Enchantment and ended up with a sideways interior on deck 7 and a regular interior on deck 2.
  3. We take a shuttle to the Krazy Lobster. They are super friendly and have great food and free wifi. Prices are fantastic and the staff is very attentive.
  4. I'll be tagging along, I've already chuckled a few times reading the first post I love Lady Liberty, we have sailed on her twice and will be on her again in October.
  5. Thanks for the review. We are sailing on her in 19 days with our 4 kids and grandson and after being on Liberty and Oasis we know it will be a step down. I'm sure we will still have a blast though. We are going to be on Liberty for the third time in October so on the Enchantment cruise we are just going to chill and hang out with the grandbaby so the kids can have some fun.
  6. I've never been on Allure but your title pulled me in Enjoying reading about yalls shenanigans!
  7. Thank you SO MUCH for doing this!!! We are taking our 4 kids and 4 year old grandbaby on EOS in August and I have found very few reviews on her. So excited to follow along!
  8. you're* With my DH and kid's phones and Apple Watches, it is necessary for this many ports. Everyone's needs are different, why judge?
  9. We just booked her for this August 14-19 with our kids and grandson. Can't wait!
  10. Yippee! I’ll be following along. I’m boarding her next Sunday! Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  11. I have been following your post for days, thank you so much for taking the time to take us on your last minute journey. I saw this pic and I have to wonder if your angel appears in more ways than a rainbow. Look above the bridge in the clouds (sorry- i tried to circle the face but i couldn't figure it out) Oh wow... I see it. *goosebumps*
  12. Have fun on the flow rider! I'm enjoying your review and love the baseball chatter. My son plays select ball and I'm going to take him to Vegas with me soon *kidding* because he has come home with a ball at all three of the MLB games he's gone too. We take him every year for his birthday. Two years ago we saw the Texas Rangers and Toronto play and he got a ball from Jesse Chavez who was playing for Toronto at the time. The following year he caught a Mike Trout HR then a couple months later his select team advanced far enough to play in Tampa so he went to a Rays game and got a toss up from an Orioles player. We live in Texas and am a huge Rangers fan but they are #2 on his list....he's a Blue Jay fan through and through. Not sure where that came from lol He loves Josh Donaldson. Enough baseball...back to the cruise!!
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