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  1. if you read what i wrote, it has nothing to do with free at sea perks, it has to do with which rate is used IE sailaway, casino ect and if you read the form T&C you would also know sheez, and BTW some have not gotten the full OBC or any at all because of it buy again everyone is a expert without reading anything directly from NCL
  2. First time booking on Seadream, so looking foward to the cruise. I booked solo for this trip and we will stop for a fast dip in the middle of the atlantic
  3. fake news from their website really ..look it up yourself, maybe they aren't following there own new rules
  4. This week and told this is the last time because I booked a sailaway and the change that the Benifit is not combinable with this offer and the policy was just changed in the last week
  5. The policy has been changed and instead of specific offer exceptions that was listed in the old terms it now only says any offers are excluded, I got this today because I received obc but was told it just changed and I got it because they are making a exception to the new policy and refered me to this
  6. yeah ok, i just started this thread this morning in 2018 go troll another post
  7. Not true, i own NCL stock and cruise Carnival and perfer them but NCL is less expensive right now. BTW i am in Latitude ans well as carnivals program. back to carnival for me after this current cruise im booked on
  8. that doesn't make it right, and i guess NCL wants to be a follower then a leader since they have to do what RC does
  9. according to whats in that ncl document yes, its really clear offer or shareholder benefit, but thats i read it and was explained on the phone carnival has zero rules like this, you own shares no matter what you book and pay you get the OBC
  10. 1.Singles paying without single supplement only get half now 2. Can not combine offers (special pricing or perks) with the shareholder OBC So now unless you pay full fare you cannot claim benefit Was told by the resolution desk and refereed to the below document Read restrictions http://www.nclhltdinvestor.com/static-files/23c8691e-2da7-4595-b132-a6ad137cf7f6
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