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  1. I have not read all the posts on this thread, so the answer may have already been given. do the Drinks' Packages include Bar Operatives and Wine Waiters tips? If so, I wonder how the money is allocated? If not, then some of the calculations may need amending. Can the bottles bought be drunk say, partly with a meal and finished in a more peaceful place?
  2. We went on an island tour by PO, that included a visit to a pineapple farm. The cultivation was in greenhouses, showing the different stages that are linked by flat paths. The visit included the farm's showroom/ bar to taste pineapple tipples.
  3. 'Who is likely to spend most over, say a fourteen night cruise, persons who have almost instant access to their spending, or those who have to trudge down to Reception and queue up to find out? If your thinking is like mine, then perhaps it it is the same as P&O!
  4. Has P&O taken notice of the current GBR iniative on CHILDRENS' HEALTH by only including in The Children's Package sugar reduced drinks? It is to be hoped that P&O does not follow their practice of virtually ignoring such health iniatives as it does by actively promoting the sale of tobacco products.
  5. Reference my post above, related to on-board deposit of £50 pp. and in reply to daiB: PO Booking Conditions: See page 149 clause 38 of the current brochure. From the date of booking until 91 days before departure, cancellation charge: Deposit From our own experiences of booking cruises on-board, at no time was an explicit statment made to negate the above clause that I suggest would be necessary to enforce a variation from £50pp. Sent from my iPad using Forums
  6. Since the introduction of future cruise sales on board PO's ships, following RCI's lead, and the incentive of a deposit of only £50pp, I understand that some cruisers book as a maybe cruise and make the final decision when the full balance is due. (Long sentence!). Thus, there becomes available cabins some 90 days before departure. In any case with the trend towards mega resort ships with their huge capacity, there will always be last minute cancellations, hence the concepts of upgrade and guarantee grade offers. A REAL BARGAIN: a Florida criuse friend had heard of hopefuls turning up on the quayside on days of departure and getting a deal. I believe that PO requires 4 days to do the post 9-11 induced checks.
  7. On each ship in the fleet we have sailed on, we have found the BAND not backing the artists but fronting them. So bad is the balance set, that often one cannot hear the solo or group singers clearly. Indeed, a recent successful court case where a member of an orchestra sitting near the percussion section suffered hearing loss, has resulted in precautions being taken on the ships. Look for the transparent screen now placed in front of the drummer and trombone player. Most solo singers offer dvd's for sale, none have the same accompanying loud, over brassed sound. I have spoken to the sound technicians and they say, they cannot alter it, as it is set by "fleet" in Soton. The artists say, as part of their contract they have to bring with them music for the seven part BAND, and can have one or two items without all seven band members. The notion that the present set-up is what guests want, I suggest is what hearing damaged young folk in the 'fleet office' want to hear. However, on our cruises, mostly out of season with other greypounders, many of whom have some hearing loss, we have mostly heard the criticism that the BAND IS TOO LOUD. If you agree, then make you opinion known. Note: This is not a criticism of the excellent, sight reading members of the band. Ex-Decca
  8. We have sailed on the Aurora many times and on the Arcadia only once and never to be repeated for various reasons. 1.The air con in the cabin was very noisy, unlike on the Aurora which you can barely hear. 2.The Captain's cocktail party was held in the swimming pool area. 3.The Arcadia is not as seaworthy as the Aurora. 4The Arcadia does not have an Atrium. 5.The cinema on the Arcadia is a joke compared to the lovely Playhouse on Aurora. 6. The azipods on the Arcadia are not as effective for getting on and off the berth as the propulsion system on the Aurora.
  9. As I posted some year or more ago the current system springs from an unofficial, berth side meeting in San Francisco, of a large group of waiting staff from the Arcadia during their afternoon free-time. The main issue was the tipping practice for those in the newly introduced Freedom Dining concept. Regular cruisers will recall that at that time, small wooden collection boxes were placed at the entrances to the Buffet facility to 'tip' staff operating there, but no system existed for those servicing the Freedom facility. These staff members were thus at a financial disadvantage both to their fellows in Buffet and even more so to those in Club Dining, as those 'guests' in Freedom had no regular waiters to whom to give tips and so it was easy for some 'guests' not tip. An unintended outcome of introducing Freedom Dining? The solution adopted by PO was to introduce AG. A proportion of the monies so collected by PO was to be used to provide an increase in the basic rates of pay of both waiting and cabin staff, the remainder being given to individuals on the basis of their performance as recorded by 'guests' questionnaires' responses. I do not know the percentage split between basic rate and performance reward. However, on our recent cruises (some three a year) I have got the impression that there is a growing number opting out of AG. What proportion are skinflints or cash payers is difficult to judge. But the more there are of both, the higher the rate of AG will become, no doubt resulting in more opting out of AG and so on. ROLL ON INCLUSIVE AG IN THE CRUISE FARE. 50 cruises 17 ships 3 liners 145 ports
  10. Read the information about Military Benefit by checking ask.pocruises.co.uk. There are exclusions, read carefully. For MB one must be a member of Defence Discout registering and buying a discount card, then quote the card number to your agent or PO if you booked direct. At this time of year allow 10 working days. Call accounts, not sales and give PO booking ref. and ask for your Booking Confirmation form and how much OBC does it state.
  11. Re #3: No where in the Carnival Corp &Plc shareholder benefit document does it state that the benefit is not combinable with other OBC. Check Carnival Corp shareholder benefit via Google. Double check again via Google, ask.pocruises shareholder benefit. If there is any difficulty with the allocation of this benefit then we must take the matter up with the Company Secretary or equivalent. This I suggest is not a marketing or sales gimmick but part of a shareholder's contract with a quoted company.
  12. Re: #1 We have used the train from SOT to Soton. There is a two-hourly direct service via Brum and Oxford commencing at 6:08. Just got a quote of £206 return for two. Look at The man in seat 61 site.
  13. Re: #26 Partnership does not refer to Shareholders, which is a statutory term.
  14. I have searched ask.pocruises.com with the following that I quote: Military Benefit not combinable with Early Savers, Savers, Onboard Bookings, or Thank You for cruising offers, or Partnership Benefits. booked on a P&O Select Fare only. Shareholder Benefit will not be granted if your booking is booked through a Friends and Family offer, TIS(Travel Industry Services) or a complementary booking. All other fare types are currently combinable with shareholder benefits. 49 cruises 17 ships 3 liners 5 cruise lines 143 ports
  15. We were very fortunate to cruise RB twice on Adonia, being a smaller ship its itinerary included ports of call that often resort ships ignore or cannot reach, Belfast, Fort William, Killybegs(NI), Kirkwall, Lerwick, Liverpool, Londonderry, Portree, Scabster, Scilly Isles, Tobermory. An excellent change from Bergen, Gibraltar, Lisbon, Vigo etc. R. I. P. ADONIA 49 cruises 17 ships 3 liners 143 ports
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