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  1. I wondered as two of our young grandchildren will be on board one of the ships next summer.
  2. The whole issue of volume in the theatre is a mixture of musical taste, hearing acuity, P&O's fleet production management,and a ship's audio technician. Over the past 26years of cruising I have spoken to a number of technicians, solo artists, and production managers across five cruise lines. Always with the general complaint that the audio balance between the band and the artist was incorrect. This can be confirmed by buying an artist's CD, where the balance is correct. A major problem is the insistence that the soloist uses the percussionist and brass instrumentalists even when unsuitable to the item being sung. Compare the times when there is only a keyboard a complement. The young soloists I have spoken to feel too insecure to insist on their choice of sound level for fear of not being contracted again. Compare this with an Italian tenor acquaintance we had, who insisted in setting his own sound levels and usually sang one aria/song without amplification, that filled the theatre to show how it could be done. This on Cunard and RCI. Regarding production shows, the backing music is normally pre-recorded and the sound levels set by the shore side production team. I am told that changes in levels can only be made by reference back to the shore side management. For an example, our last cruise had the first staging of a new show on the ship. Production management were aboard and when I spoke to the technician he agreed that levels were incorrect and said that they were being adjusted for the second show. I did not stay up to listen. Conclusions, complain to fleet production management for shows and ship's production management for other performances. Incidently, have you noticed the transparent, acoustic screen now in place in front of the percussionist, to protect the others on stage? A Health and Safety measure.
  3. ptf2009, might it not be that the audio technicians who 'live' with the very loud sound for months on end, have suffered the very damage to their hearing you mention? So, in order to hear the 'music' they have to crank up the volume.
  4. Majortom10, is the 100% based upon a hearing test or your subjective assessment?
  5. May I suggest that MAJORTOM10 tries my experiment mentioned several days ago, in order to rate his hearing.
  6. I suggest that most of those who post on this site are of a certain age and have some degree of hearing impairment, hence the comments about hearing aids. Consider for a moment what P&O's marketing slogan FAMILY FRIENDLY indicates. Yes, young persons! Next time your family's young persons visit you, please try this experiment. Switch on the TV with the sound turned right down. Then slowly increase the volume to a level that the children can hear the programme. Can you hear it? Increase the level until you can. What sort of difference, if any, is there? Most likely for the majority there is. One can therefore conclude that taking children to shows on so-called family friendly ships COULD HARM THEIR HEARING.
  7. To give you an idea of the artists that are on a MFAS, the following gives an indication of those planned to be on Aurora R920. Nick Bailey (Host), a soprano, mezzo/Director of Trial by Jury, pianist, violinist, flutist, Spanish guitarist, tenor, baritone. The Aurora Chorus will take part in the Trial by Jury production. Usually there are a couple of programme items each sea day, with one on port days. Running in parallel is a ‘normal’ PO entertainment programme. Hope this answers your initial enquiry.
  8. OH! OH! Tablelamp you are giving a false fact! There is a MFAS on the Aurora, sailing from Soton 20th October to the Canaries, the compère will be the first voice heard on Classic FM, Nick Bailey. MFAS was suggested by PO’s then chairman, Lord Stirling and he asked BBC’s Richard Baker to front the programme. These have continued over the years, up to five in a year, latterly on Oriana, Adonia, and Aurora. There seems to be a reluctance on the part of PO to commit to continue the series, as PO strives to attract a customer base to fill the new, large, Carnival type ships. I suspect that this will be a hard task in the off-season, unless they reduce fares and thus the standard.
  9. .Quite right in the PO fleet the Adonia was most expensive.
  10. With the soon demise of the ORIANA, the supply of quality cruising on PO ships is reducing, hence the price inflation. Check out today's prices compared to their launch ones. We have three AURORA's booked, including the Music Festival at Sea departing in October.
  11. Also just back from the 19 nighter on Aurora, her second cruise following a multimillion refit. A substantial part of that was for behind the scenes upgrades including a new 'exhaust system'. We were held on shore for some five and a half hours in weather as described by Jean. Returning quickly from a shore visit after my wife was blown onto a parked car! l have complained often about the sound levels of the production shows being too high, the response from the 'techs' is that the audio is pre-recorded and the level is set by the HQ production management. To get it reduced to a comfortable level PLEASE CONTACT HQ PO SOTON. Given that this is a common complaint by many of us of a certain age, with associated hearing loss, I worry about the harmful effect it is having on the hearing of the youngsters on the family friendly ships. The Excecutive Vice-President, Paul Ludlow, spent a couple of days on board, but failed to put in a public appearance in spite of the fact that the ship was crammed with frequent PO Shareholding cruisers. What do you think of this?
  12. I have not read all the posts on this thread, so the answer may have already been given. do the Drinks' Packages include Bar Operatives and Wine Waiters tips? If so, I wonder how the money is allocated? If not, then some of the calculations may need amending. Can the bottles bought be drunk say, partly with a meal and finished in a more peaceful place?
  13. We went on an island tour by PO, that included a visit to a pineapple farm. The cultivation was in greenhouses, showing the different stages that are linked by flat paths. The visit included the farm's showroom/ bar to taste pineapple tipples.
  14. 'Who is likely to spend most over, say a fourteen night cruise, persons who have almost instant access to their spending, or those who have to trudge down to Reception and queue up to find out? If your thinking is like mine, then perhaps it it is the same as P&O!
  15. Has P&O taken notice of the current GBR iniative on CHILDRENS' HEALTH by only including in The Children's Package sugar reduced drinks? It is to be hoped that P&O does not follow their practice of virtually ignoring such health iniatives as it does by actively promoting the sale of tobacco products.
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