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  1. How does it work if I already had obc from the last time I got cancelled and booked a later one. Do they add it to what you already had? I had $800 obc on the one they just cancelled. Does that mean the next will be $1400 obc?
  2. derorim, I'm glad I could answer your question. Too bad others chimed in with snarky rude unhelpful comments. I guess they have nothing better to do than add to their post count. Enjoy your cruise!
  3. I actually didn't read, just went to the last page to confirm my suspicions and I was right. this has turned into a nasty argumentative thread just like all the other "shorts in the dining room threads". Get a life people. There are so many who don't have the money to feed their kids even working 2 or 3 jobs, let alone go on a cruise. Consider yourself fortunate and stop griping and whining about the little stuff. Why spend thousands of dollars on something that you let raise your blood pressure just in the planning stages? If you spend your cruise planning time(weeks) getting angry about what other people will or will not be doing for the few days of the cruise, you've wasted your money and time anyway. Sheesh! And before you ask why I'm here again, it's because I forgot to undo the follow button and got the email.
  4. I wish the cc administrators would lock or delete these shorts threads as soon as they are posted. I know some people genuinely want to know, but they always descend into arguments and nastiness rather than suggestions and info. Maybe the administrator could put a sticky at the top of the forum with the correct info and make it clear these threads aren't necessary or allowed, so everyone will stop arguing.
  5. no. No casino washes or sanitizes their chips as far as I know. Definitely wash your hands after gambling.
  6. We used lyft to get there, but coming back for some reason it couldn't find any lyft people, which sucked-Lyft quoted $10, but I had to use Uber since it found one of them, and that was $18. Still better than driving. I have no idea where I'd have found to park!
  7. My mom and I are spending this weekend in Miami after our cruise. We found out it's Art Deco weekend on South beach. We're staying at the Holiday Inn near the Bayside Marketplace (close to the port of Miami), and I'm not sure what the best way would be to get there during the festival. I'd imagine the hop on hop off busses will be kookoo, I have a rental car, but I'm sure the traffic will also be kookoo-I wouldn't mind paying to park, but I don't want to be frustrated getting there. Should we just uber or lyft?
  8. I find Celebrity to be a step up from Royal. Not that there's anything wrong with Royal, it's just more refined service and more adult oriented. There are some families, but less than Royal. Funny story-I gave my 14 year old son a choice between virtually the same cruise, just different lines. The one line was Carnival, and the other was celebrity. My overly refined 14 year old son (LOL) said, "I'd like to do the Celebrity cruise. I like their service better." Basically, the activities, water slides, etc. on the other one were less attractive than the atmosphere of Celebrity!
  9. you guys do realize you're replying to a thread a year old....😁
  10. I emailed Celebrity because I had signed up for the hot glass class on the Equinox 2 nighter. I was wondering how the class times would be since we're only 2 nights and in port all day on the 2nd day. They didn't just email me, they called me! She said when I get on, I'll go to the shorex desk and book my time, and it should be fine even if I want to go off the ship. I love that it was the personal touch, a call instead of an email. That's why Celebrity is my favorite line! Funny story-a couple of years ago I had 2 cruises to choose from to take my 13 year old on. I decided to let him pick which cruise. Virtually the same itinerary, just different cruise lines. Celebrity or another line whose name also starts with C. I actually played down Celebrity because I thought he'd prefer the activities on the other one. Believe it or not, he said, "I think I want to do Celebrity, because I really like their service." I LOVE it. Already a cruise connosseur at 13!
  11. Sorry, but WTH is pickleball? Is it a huge thing because I see a ton of questions all the time about it.
  12. I have done a cruise around the Hawaiian islands and also have flown directly and done non cruise vacations there many times. In comparing the 2, I must say that if you've already done strictly land based stays there, you will not be happy with the cruise. We had already done land only vacations more than once, so we only did the cruise because after Hawaii the ship was going to Tahiti. The amount of time spent on the ship compared to how long the port stops are is a waste of time. Yes, seeing all the islands is less hassle on a cruise, but the amount of time on each island is so limited, you really don't get the true relaxing, beautiful Hawaiian experience. The places where the ship docks tend to be touristy shopping areas, and the shore excursions are way too touristy as well, packed on a bus with 50 other people, the slowest of whom determines how much you actually get to see. We are scuba divers, so we made the most of the port stops doing that. You will spend the little time you have in port sightseeing and you really won't be able to relax and appreciate the beauty or lay on the wonderful beach and play in the waves because you will be pressed for time. If you absolutely must do it by way of cruise, research the islands and rent a car and do it on your own. If you can swing it, you're much better off flying there and staying in hotels, taking island hopping flights to see more than one. With the flights from the mainland to Hawaii as long as they are, try to do 10 days to 2 weeks, and 2 or 3 islands-I suggest Maui (don't stay in Lahaina-too touristy), Oahu, and the big island-a trip to see the volcano is a must. Hope this helps.
  13. Did they have standard odds on craps (3x4x5x)? I was on Independence and there was a $5 minimum on craps, but it was single odds! YUK. Totally not worth it. You could have double odds if you bet $25 minimum. Wow thanks.
  14. I wouldn't book it as an original booking, but I made a moveup offer that made it worthwhile. Just did the minimum and they took it. Dinner in Blu was really good. My son and I would compare main dining and blu menu each evening to see which had more stuff we'd like.
  15. Yeah, that is kinda dumb. Thanks for the info! I'll just go get the car and head to Miami.
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