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  1. Thanks for recognizing the lurkers! We too have relished each and every post, since pre-cruise (that steak from the butcher shop looked amazing and delicious!). Thanks for doing what you do! We too share your vision of making and sharing memories.
  2. We just did this in December and it was $25.00 per person. Placencia Village was so beautiful and charming. Worth the trip over. We used the Shore Excursion credit, but as mentioned above OBC will work too.
  3. Just off Getaway yesterday. Decorations were going up as we were disembarking. On Escape two years ago, they also had the large gingerbread display outside Le Bistro area. It should be very festive by the time you board.
  4. Thanks for your response and thanks again for all the helpful tips!
  5. Thanks so much for your detailed review and info! It helped answer so many of my questions. I thought of a couple more if you don't mind- Were there any first night (or other night) specials for Cirque Dreams? At Harvest Caye, was NCL offering water taxi service to mainland Belize? Thanks again for all this great info!
  6. Thanks again all! Now on to research tipping and other fun topics!
  7. Thanks so much for all of your input! This would be first time Haven for us (if all goes according to plan!). Agree that it would make us feel more connected to Haven being on 16. Will look at starboard forward/mid on 16.
  8. Hi all, Looking at booking Getaway Nov or Dec 2017 in an H4-2 bedroom suite, DH and I traveling with MIL. (she said she's fine with the small bedroom by the way-feel free to add thoughts on this too). Any room location advise for us? If we pick deck 16, seems to be under sun deck, Vibe or Haven sun deck. Is it noisy with dragging chairs? Had this with Star mini suite many years ago and it was quite noisy (and started very early morning too). Is deck 15 too removed from Haven proper, or not a big deal? Thanks in advance for your thoughts!
  9. Thanks, Kel! Not a whole lot of info out there from NCL, so this is helpful. Still deciding what to do. We're lucky-no travel issues, but that was the whole point of booking this cruise out of LA.
  10. Hilarious! Just woke up DH sleeping on the couch from laughing out loud! (FYI-second half of screen name here).
  11. Of course! Glad to have you join in! Still awaiting Yorkvillian's reply to your post on his thread! :D
  12. http://boards.cruisecritic.com/showthread.php?t=2307885&page=58 Get with the program! :) Now hurry up and get to the Mojito bar and see Bong!
  13. I knew it! Just saw your post on Yorkvillian's thread! By the way-how'd you change your profile pic so quick? :)
  14. Outstanding! We're in SoCal too-so no travel issues. Looking at the week after yours for the Jewel, but PCC doesn't know much yet about the changes. We're from Maui-Lahainaluna grads and everything (but born on the Mainland).
  15. I guess Sue just caught up with your review!
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