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  1. After I had my two daughters, I realized how much easier it was to vacation on a ship vs. going to Disney(I'm from Miami). As a mom, you begin to appreciate having someone else to the cleaning, cooking, entertainment for you. I also work at the school district, which makes it easy to take "time off" since we get spring break and Christmas break. Cruising is not for everyone and my girls are also getting antsy to visit France and Japan, so we may begin to slow down on the cruising and start exploring other locations. I just truly enjoy the convenience of paying one price and not having to worry about anything else.
  2. Lol... I agree. I'm 34 and I do find this cruise line to be really down to earth, but after a couple of drinks at the Martini Bar, it gets hopping.
  3. I made the mistake of going on the NCL Getaway in Spring Break of 2014 and it was a nightmare. I swore never again to cruise during MDCPS spring break, but here I am back at it again. Although Celebrity is different, I do remember having a whole lot of kids during the spring break sailing on the Silhouette in 2017.
  4. Wow... I never knew there was a site that tracked spring break! Well, for Miami-Dade County Public Schools(4th largest school district in the nation) and Broward County, spring break will be the week of 3/23. I'm sure there will be tons of little kids, tweens and teens on vacation. To be honest, when I booked this trip... it was one of the cheapest compared to RCCL and NCL during spring break.
  5. Its funny that you all mention that, but looking at celebrity's website: https://www.celebritycruises.com/things-to-do-onboard/entertainment/events-parties-experiences it shows otherwise. They have an interactive 60's "Groove" Party, a Latin inspired party... so much more. I would like to see which parties would be hosted on the western Caribbean just to be ready to join in on these parties. Also, we will be traveling during spring break so the average age group drops down by a few decades... maybe things will be different on this sailing.
  6. I will be traveling on the Equinox in 15 days! Yay me! I have looked everywhere online and in this forum for dailies for the Western Caribbean but have found nothing recent. I like to look at dailies to be able to pack accordingly if there is a 70's night, white hot party and similar events to be better prepared to participate in. If anyone has something(or knows of a blog or website that does), it would be greatly appreciated if you'd share that with me. Thanks in advance.
  7. I'm currently going through a gastroparesis flare up and during times like these, I can only have liquids such as Orgain or pureed or broths. I tried looking on the Celebrity's website for information about bringing cases of meal replacement drinks but only found alcohol policies. I have a cruise coming up in 19 days and in the event that I still cant digest solids, I was curious to know. Has anyone here had any trouble bringing a case of meal replacements on board?
  8. I'm not referring to the exhibition... I was referring to the individual class... its at a cost of $59 per class.
  9. I will be sailing on the Equinox with my two daughters(11 & 10) and the glass blowing is being offered in our sailing. Does anyone know or has anyone booked the glass blowing experience for their children. The footnote only mentions that Adult supervision is required, does that mean that I do not have to pay in order to be present? I only want the experience for my daughters, I don't necessarily care for it.
  10. Oh... what a bummer! and here I was licking my lips. So yes on the discounts and no on dinner and laundry :-(
  11. Can anyone that has traveled on the sky as a platinum member confirm that this is actually what happens? Also... concierge services? How do I reach them?
  12. Hi everyone! I tried looking everywhere for an answer to this question. I will be traveling for 4 nights on the NCL Sky at the end of this month. As a platinum member, I am entitled to two meals. This ship is an older ship that only has Cagney's and Le Bistro. So that counts as one of my meals.... but the second meal would be to La Cucina or Moderno.... of which non are on the SKY. Do you know if I would still be entitled to my second meal to use at... II Adadio which is the only other specialty restaurant? Also... as a platinum member we are offered a concierge service... How do I contact the concierge to make the restaurant reservations vs. waiting on a long line on embarkation day? Thank you in advance!
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