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  1. We have only 6 hours stop at Corfu on May 1st. So I try to choose between exploring just Corfu town or taking cruise 4hour scenic tour. Below is the tour description. In this tour the town we'll see only from bus. What do you think is more interesting? This enjoyable coach tour combines a visit to Corfu town with a leisurely drive through the olive groves, cypresses and pine trees that are so typical of the island's beautiful landscape. The first stop will be at the fabulous bay of Palaiokastritsa, where you will have some time to explore on your own after an initial guided tour of the area. A brief photo stop will be made the village of Lakones at the Golden Fox Café, whose stunning hillside location affords breathtaking views of Palaiokastritsa bay and has earned it the nickname of "God's Balcony" among the locals. After a break in the village of Lakones, you will return to Corfu for an enjoyable drive-by sightseeing tour of the town. The route will take you past the Garitsa Bay and the city's 14th-century old Venetian fortress, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The tour will also give you a chance to see the Spianada square, once used to drill Napoleon's army in the art of marching, the Royal Palace of St. George and St. Michael, the old port with its traditional caïque fishing boats. Your return to the port and your ship marks the end of your tour. Please note: outside viewings only of all sights during the drive-by tour of Corfu town. In this tour the town we'll see only from bus. What do you think is more interesting
  2. Thank you for all replies (especially related to my question, and not to drinks 🙂 ). What is it this mega-forum we're not supposed to mention? With abbreviation TA or it's something that I'm not familiar with? Now I understood a little bit specific of MSC, so may be it is really the reasons for such low activity. For me personally the most interesting part of RC is really not even M&G, but possibility to participate or organize private off-shore tour group, which was very successful on several previous predominantly Norwegian cruises. Pity that it is impossible on this coming cruise.
  3. It's the first time in our numerous cruises I see such inactive Roll call forums like MSC roll calls. We have cruise starting on April 26th from Venice and NO ONE answer on roll call to my starting post. Usually we use roll calls very actively and found them very useful - both for sharing information, and for organizing non-ship small tour groups. It is our first time on MSC cruise and I'm just curious why these forums are so inactive. Does anyone has any explanation?
  4. Not, just from what I read in blogs it looks to me that Lecce is the most interesting towns in this area
  5. Hi Angela, Aren't you by any chance on cruise departing on April 26th?
  6. Are'n t you on the cruise departing on April 26th by chance?
  7. To cruisemom42: We have only 6 hours stop in Brindisi. Do you think we have enough time to go to Lecce by our-self?
  8. Thank you Bpmsmith. Unfortunately our cruise is not this, but on February 3rd 2021. And according to the same site the timing in the sounds is after 12am )-:. So I try to find if the information is correct, and if yes - may be jump to another cruise line, as it is really pity to be there and not to see these sounds.
  9. I can't find search button in this forum, so I need to open new topic. We booked 12 nights cruise on Norwegian Jewel from Sydney to Auckland, but it looks to me that it will cruise the three Sounds during night hours. Did somebody took similar cruise? I'm afraid, that it is not too much to see at night there. I can't find another NCL cruise with day time at Fiordland National Park. Any advice?
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