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  1. I live in rural Minnesota and somewhat frustrated! Our Governor is having a hard time realizing that out here in the rural area, we do not have the same situation as Minneapolis has! Our "Stay at Home" order was lifted today - however, we still have a "Safer at Home" order in place - bars and restaurants still closed til June 1 and only allowed to do take out! Beauty salons still closed as well as small businesses. Our rural communities are hurting - and we have very few cases (2) in our area - yet our Governor feels we all need to be on lockdown. Schools (whether they are graduating 10 or 500) are not allowed to have any type of ceremony or graduation party at their homes (not even on our huge athletic field with social distancing)! I am certainly aware of how devastating this Covid is, but I am an adult and I do social distance and wear a face mask when I go out! Really looking forward to our cruise next March!
  2. We will cruise the same that we always do -------no fear here!
  3. Same issue here......have 500.00 OBC and was booked on Apr 4 Vista ...now cruise is cancelled by Carnival SO IM HOPING WHEN WE REBOOK, THAT 500.00 OBC GOES ONTO NEW BOOKING!!
  4. We sail April 4.......husband Diabetic....so I know we will be denied boarding. DOES THE FCC AND 600.00 OBC apply to that sailing too.....or just the March 13 to 16th sailings (I saw those dates in John Healds letter here.....havent gotten anything from Carnival),,,,,,,,thinking that may be a better deal than waiting to see if Carnival cancels and only get 25%? Thoughts appreciated!!
  5. Has anyone gone to Hard Rock - Jamaica? Is there a free shuttle from cruise ship terminal?
  6. bakersdozen12 Thanks so much for the response - very much appreciated!!
  7. Has anyone done the All Inclusive Day Pass at Grand Palladium thru Carnival Shore Excursions? Any info would be greatly appreciated!!
  8. I noticed the price difference between the "other" site and Carnival - (20.00 pp cheaper) - but wanted the assurance that we'd get back to ship on time. I hadn't thought about the price match guarantee from Carnival. Your thoughts on the Grand Palladium - good? bad? Thanks!
  9. I've searched the Montego Bay Carnival Shore Excursions and have found nothing on the Grand Palladium All Inclusive Day Pass in Montego Bay. Has anyone done this thru Carnival … would appreciate your comments both good and bad! THANKS!!
  10. We booked a casino rate (not sure of exact name) and received $500 OBC and DOU card for casino. I am wondering if BOTH my husband and I will receive the DOU card or will it be just me as it is my VIFP casino offer. We usually gamble together and use just my card - hence, it is me getting the casino offers. Also, with the $500 OBC, can we use it to for gambling money in the casino?? Thanks for any info!!
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