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  1. We've booked a cruise for 2021,and have not been on this ship or been to this port. Biggest question is how is the food? Any tips?Thank you for your advice.
  2. They practice during the day on the ship to get familiar with each other.
  3. Just to let all of you know,all of the band members have to audition by video,and thats how they are chosen.We were on the Koningsdam earlier this year,and got to be good friends with a couple of the members. They have to practice alot before each show,since they've never performed together.
  4. Crew News,I'm looking forward to your report.I just booked a trip to Europe for 2021 and we have a Vista Suite on Deck 8 at the end jutting out on midship.Would like to know if the Lido Deck being above will affect itand also your views o the food,and Club Orange. Have a fabulous time!
  5. PSR,and Crew News thank you so much for the input! crew news, i can't thank you enough for all the lengthy information you have given me. Its a huge help. Now my next quandry,just got an e-mail yesterday for the Europe offer,and so many choices! Merry Christmas to both of you!😉 crew
  6. money for lamd portion.I booked this trip with a number of included items that HAL threw in. How much does it cost for beverages during the land portion,as we enjoy the occasional cocktail. The biggest question is,do we carry one large suitcase for both of ous during the 4 days? 161 days to go!😀
  7. Thank you so much for this! sounds wonderful!
  8. Crew News,first of all,thank you for the wonderfully descriptive details you have given us. I just read this to my hub,and we both understand it so much better than the link. I always like to know before I go. Hub can get frustrated,and if I know ahead,it makes it that much easier for him to enjoy with me. When looking at each stop,I had noticed Anchorage and Fairbanks had times of the year where the northern lights could be seen. Was this possible when you went,and is there anyone outside the ship that offers it? I'd also like to say how much we enjoyed your beautiful photos. I had a great Nikon digital that gave me beautiful shots for years,and the start button died on me on March in the Carribean. So I have a new Sony digital that I have to play with before I go. Thank you so very much for taking the time to help us.
  9. Crew News,thank you for you help.We begin our boat trip in Vancouver, travel to Ketchikan,Juneau,and SkagwayGlacier Bay,then at sea, we then arrive in Anchorage on Sunday.On Monday,its Anchorage,Talkeetna,then Denali,I'm assuming this is by rail. We have two days in Denali,then travel to Fairbanks where were are for a day,then fly out the next day from Fairbanks.I do knoww we'll be traveling on the McKinley explorer to get to Denali. We also do a tundra tour in Denali. In Skagway pat of the package offered is a trip on the White Pass Railway. All of this is being done in mid to end of May of 2020. I'm assuming we can each take one large suitcase and then a carry on for the land trip?
  10. Years back we took a 7 day on Disney to Alaska. Hub always wanted to go again,and I found a great deal for next year. I do have a question for those that have already done this.Since we have to figure our baggage,how does the baggage transfer for the land portion work since we'll be in 3 different hotels in a 4 days space.? Do we have to carry our baggge to each hotel?Thanks for any help and advice!
  11. we went to many of these ports when we took this trip last summer.Just to let you know,the ramps that are put up to the boat at the ports that aren't tendered are very steep and narrow,so be careful when you get off the ship.
  12. After sailing on other lines,we've now sailed on HAL twice,and now booked a sailing on Eurodam for January. I've looked at Youtube,and been impressed by what I see. For those that have been on her,what are the good and bad points?ts?
  13. yes,its included. we've had thi package a couple of times,and it covers alot.
  14. We use the anytime dining and get a table for 2.We always prefer it that way,as sometimes we've been seated with people that make us uncomfortable. That and we can do what we want,and leave when we want to.
  15. We sailed on her in March,and had a midship cabin on Deck 8. We were in the corner next to a steward closet,and we rarely heard them or any other noises.
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